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I just love the armor in this game, all the detail. Robes actually feel like robes within this game as well, nice change after wearing some truly horrible robes in some of my games!

I'm still here, I just have been busy. When I have some free time I pop into Rift instead of writing about it ;) Which always means a game has to be pretty engaging if it pulls me away from writing. I hit 54 this week. It is slow going but I also take time off to decorate and putter around.

Our guild is going quite well. We're small but we have some really cool people. I'm so glad I decided to go the route of creating my own. It has been a long time- too long- that I log in and really talk to people and get to know them. Sure, I have here and there in some guilds but this just feels different. It's quite nice, I enjoy the people and while the leveling of the guild is slow it is a great place to be nonetheless. Some people log in on an often basis, others once a week or so. I keep everyone in the roster, it is always nice to be able to come back and know you're not going to be kicked out because you don't play all the time. I know some m members were worried about that. I wanted this to be a place that people are happy to be, where they feel among friends and always welcome. We're growing, our little guild. I absolutely love it. Once again, if you're on Faeblight and need a home, we're a casual laid back guild who prides itself on quality over quantity. Our doors are always open and we welcome people wanting a family style guild. You can find me on as Belladahna.

We now have a guild hall as well! It is so lovely. Since the prices were dropped across the board for dimensions it was much easier to get that out of the way. Now we now have a place to hang out. Everyone can take part in decorating, I want everyone in the guild to enjoy it. Though I've been told by some members that they cannot access it without Storm Legion. Not sure what the deal is with that. I know you can have a starter dimension without having the expansion, so I don't know why one would not be able to visit a guild dimension.

I don't see us raiding, I don't have that goal in mind. More of a place for us to gather, do five mans, hunt rifts and just help each other in general. Just hang out, talks, whatever. My raiding days are over, I don't have the pull or interest in that direction anymore. There is still plenty to do though.

I've also been visiting other dimensions and I've found some really fantastic designs. I'm also working on my own, which is always relaxing and fun, my favorite thing to do some nights. I've been excited about the holiday event coming this week- Fae Yule, more goodies to add to my house and guild hall. I can't wait to see what all will be available.

Leveling is sloooow. There, I said it. Sometimes that really deters my interest in playing but this far I just keep at it, enjoying my class. It hasn't really diminished my desire to play, even if it is a bit slow. I'm now playing with a strong Necro build, pulling on the warlock for a second tree, the dps is much better than my old spec and it is a lot of fun with many skills to fall back on if I get into trouble.

What Else?
On another note, Trion has done some 'downsizing'. From what I hear it is mostly QA and EQ, not too clear though. I hope this doesn't hurt development. I feel badly for those who lost their jobs, may they find work soon, such a terrible time of the year to be out of work! My heart goes out to those people.

Pay once, play forever? TSW has gone F2P it seems. It will be like GW2, Funcom claims, buy the box, play for free, with a subscription route as well. Subs will be awarded a type of rested xp bonus with costumes on top of that, as incentive. I thought this would be in the cards sooner than later. I suppose this gives me more of a chance to poke back in and check things out. There is a great interview here, with lots of good information. It seems the company has a good idea on direction, we'll just have to see if they stick by it. Thus far I like what I hear.

GW2 has Winter's Day heading our way this week as well. The art direction looks stunning, as always. The art is top notch and breathtaking. I'm sure I'll pop in just to admire that, if anything. The event looks fun and it lasts more than a weekend, heh. Nice to see a longer event heading our way.

And... if you want to check out Storm Legion, there will be free time this weekend, Dec 14-18. Former subscribers can try it out without limitations over this period. If you've been on the fence now is a great time. Don't have a 50 character? Still a nice time to try out the new souls!

In closing I'll leave you with some pics from Rift. Some of our hall, some of the houses dimensions I've taken time to check out thus far. Enjoy!

This is one of my faves, I think it was Pyro's Fishing Hole. Lovely bunch of building this player as done, Faeblight server.

Love the Conquest Projectors. They really make the sky look awesome.

This was a very cool house, this dimension also had a huuuuge slide. Think it was called Eye Candy Slide, Faeblight server.

Pool table and bar, too cute!

Dive Bar. This is on Faeblight as well. 

Go up past the bar to take a dive!

Santa's workshop?!

I love how this player added in little carts of gifts under the tree! Great imagination. I think this was 'Home for the holidays' on Faeblight.

A lovely deck someone built with some chairs to sit among the tree tops.

More houses, these were really fantastic!

Beach houses a player built.

A player actually built this little house in the starter guardian dimension. Took me a moment to figure out which dimension I was in! Great work!

Our lovely guild hall! Work in progress but it's coming along nicely.

The back of the dimension. A guild member built that fantastic ramp leading up, behind me.

My own personal dimension, roots overhanging the path to the door there.

One of the rooms I am working on in my own dimension.

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  1. Perhaps I'll check it out... someday. If I do, I'll pop on the server and say Hello. I go through cycles... when my work is light you'll see me playing video games, but when it's busy, while I'd love to play. I just don't have the time. At least I can always keep updated into what's going on in the gaming world thanks to blogs such as yours. ;)




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