Thursday, December 6, 2012

Objectives- Rift

It always seems there is some objective to go after in Rift. I decided to mess around with Ember Island some this week, since I didn't get a chance to previously. It was pretty tough, from what I've heard, when it was current. At 51 with gear upgrades it was cake. I decided to go through the Kelari Refuge line and see what it was about. There are some cosmetic rewards I want from the vendor also, I should have everything I want after doing about nine more days worth of dailies.

The island is quite beautiful, the quests were fun, a bit bad for xp but these were not for leveling when they were current. I gained a ton of Planer Attunement points while I was here so that was a nice bonus. At the end I was rewarded with some epic pants, woot my first epic- which I will probably replace them tonight with another quest item within the week. I also got the cutest little pet- Embri, who is pictured up top. A little elemental fellow with rocks on his head. Sometimes a rock falls off and he picks it up and pops it back on, very cute. I was quite happy to get a new pet, especially him, I had been thinking what cool pets they would make and so I was surprised to get one! Upon entering the island one of these little guys ran up and attacked me, I suppose it is fitting, since he was with the welcoming party, lol.

I managed to cruise into level 52 yesterday. I would have much sooner if I hadn't taken the Ember Isle detour, but I am glad I did. I wanted to experience that content before I totally out leveled it, I could have mentored I suppose, but I decided not to wait. It was pretty rewarding IMO. Hopefully it won't take toooo much longer to hit 60. I want to finish leveling and explore, do collections and just catch up everything I've missed in my long absence.

I've been playing around with more DPS oriented specs and finding that I really like a heavy necro build along with the elemental build as well. Both builds have pets which take the hits for the mage, both have decent dps. The elementalist kills a tad faster but the necro is still pretty good, plus it has quite a few tricks up the sleeve when you get in a pinch, so that is probably how I'll level. I've been using a heavy chloro build with a decent amount into necro, which was great for healing and lasting but very, very slow with dps. I'm going to redo that soul to be for pure healing, for when I feel like doing some dungeons or healing with invasions and such. The other build did me quite well for leveling, it was very solid for staying power but with the amount of hit points mobs have in SL it is just too slow. Now things are moving at a better pace.

I also left my guild. I thought a bit on this, it was the right thing to do. It wasn't that I was attached. The guild was freaking huge. We always had about 100 members on at a time. When a guild is so massive it is hard to remember everyone, hard to get to know people. I prefer a smaller family type guild, even a medium sized guild. I miss those. Thus I decided to create my own. I was a bit dismayed to find out I had to have four other people to sign my charter but I actually ended up happy that I needed to, in the end. I actually met some great people. I sent them private messages, offering some coin, instead of spamming chat.

It turns out those were some really cool people. I wanted to try to create the type of guild I was looking for, since I am pretty invested in the game, I think it was a good choice. Just a small casual guild, it will be easier to do things together on a fun level with people as we get to know each other. If you're looking for a laid back family style guild, look us up- Stellar, we're on Faeblight. Looking for good friendly people. We already have some stellar peeps! Eventually I hope to have us a guild hall, all in due time!

That's all I have time for today. Hope everyone is having a great week! Enjoy the pics!

Face... Hands... come back! A graphic glitch I ran into, was quite funny.

Questing in Ember Isle.

A cool quest line scene.

Princess?? Is that you?!

The huge trees sort of remind me of Vanguard SoH. How I love beautiful trees within my games.

Crossing a bridge.

Getting to a good spot before server shut down! I'm NOT running all the way to hell, err, I mean this cave, and back

Always exciting to get into an invasion!

I've seen some hilarious fashion in this game, lol. 

One of my minions and I.

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  1. All the best for Stellar! I play in the EU so am now on Icewatch since the RP server seems to be on life-support :-/
    Starting a guild must be exciting in the early expansion phase though, good luck with that project.




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