Monday, December 3, 2012

Rift- Will I Stay In Telara?

The lovely Tempest Bay.

I've been back to Rift for almost a month, next week it will be a month technically. Normally if I'm not into a game, or it just isn't clicking, this is about the time I start to feel myself growing bored. However, Rift just seems to keep surprising me, and surprisingly I'm really wanting to stick with it for quite a while. The developers seem to really want to keep players happy, they have all sorts of activities for all sorts of players.

I'm not so much into raiding these days, I don't have the patience anymore, nor the drive. Maybe one day in the future I will. I don't always feel like grouping for dungeons, I just cannot sit still for long periods where I'm feeling 'locked into' a session. I often need to get up and afk for RL stuff, so it just doesn't work out. But with Rift I can still participate in activities with others; Rifts, IAs, small group content, outdoor raids, chronicles. This caters to players like me. I love it. It is like a game that has evolved to offer content exactly for me. Add housing on top of this and I'm quite smitten.

Last night I found out that with Storm Legion the wardrobe slot now lets you wear ANY type of gear. For instance I have a warrior specific plate breastplate that my mage has on in the wardrobe slot. That is SO freaking awesome! This opens up so many alternate options for appearance gear! Very exciting, and I just found out after selling tons of plate over the last few weeks, lol. /facepalm

Fae Yule is on test now, I didn't get to participate last year so I am really excited about it this year. It seems new quests have also been added. Lots of good info about the event here. House decorations this year too, yay! I am excitedly awaiting the event XD

Is the leveling in SL too slow? I think it is alright. I didn't level yesterday, I was enjoying my birthday but I managed to poke in to decorate for a bit, hehe. More on that in a few. I'm already halfway through level 51. While it is slower than some games I'd say it isn't horrible. Once you start doing things, it starts adding up. I find myself doing a lot of invasion events, IA's here and there (I MISS THE LOWBIE IAs) questing, and I even have been doing some chronicles. Which at 51, even the two player chronicles are quite easy, and a nice change of pace. I did my first one over the weekend and made a few plat with it, plus it was real fun. I love chronicles, they are a welcome addition in my book. I am glad to finally have been able to try them out. I have read about them in the past wishing I was high enough to jump in and try them. But I'm not dreading the levels, they seem to just be going as I do things in the game. I really blew through the levels all the way to 50, so I suppose it had to slow down sometime ;)

Decorating... I actually learned that the starter dimensions, even if you max out your item count, have far less of a max item count than many of the others. I think it is 150 items, which you spend about 50 plat maxing that out. Instead you could just buy one of the 50 plat dimensions and max it at 400 items. The more expensive ones have 600 or so, maybe 1000, it has been a bit since I last looked. So I saved up 50 plat and bought a new dimension. It has a tiny house so I built a big one, I call it 'The Compound' because it looks like, well, some big imposing compound, lol. I've put trees around it, we'll see how it turns out with more furniture and (YULE!!) decorations. All in all I was so ecstatic to purchase a new, bigger, dimension. I will share pictures and maybe take a video later in the week.

Last but not least, in today's post- I love the fact that I don't have to reroll or play an alt to try out a different playstyle. I have been switching from my chloro/necro build to my harbinger build. It has been very refreshing, I don't even need to switch out gear sets for the melee spec from caster (like I did in WoW with my druid), which is amazing in my opinion. While I enjoy the talent changes in WoW, I really do- I like that Rift still has so many options for me to pick and choose from. I can tailor specs to my specific wishes. That in itself is pretty amazing, in the day and age of cookie cutter specs and builds, I like to think out of the box, do my own thing, I have the room to do that here in Rift.


  1. Very interesting sounds like a great expansion pack to rift.




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