Friday, November 30, 2012

Hello, Storm Legion!

This week in Rift I managed to hit level 50. I'm pleased that I can already take part in the new expansion that I purchased. I had been hesitant at first, as release day creeped closer I thought it might be a fair decision to go ahead and pick it up. I'm glad I did!

Getting to 50 was fairly quick and fun. Storm Legion is a bit different though. The XP is slower at hitting 50. It is still fun though, lots to do! The mobs have a lot more hit-points  thus killing them is a good bit slower. As I gain better gear it is getting easier though. Mobs seem spread out decently, not too close together, a tad tight but not as bad as it could be. They are everywhere though, tons of carnage quests, which you can pick up easily, you can also help others as they do them, very cool. It does sort of seem odd, seeing a bunch of soldiers wandering around the fields, lol. All in all it seems decent thus far.

I decided to actually head to Storm Legion at 48. Hearing it was tough didn't sway me, I had a quest to head out there so I figured I'd may as well. The XP went very fast and while it was a bit tough it did help me gear up a bit better by 50 and I was glad I headed out there. There is also a quest-line to gain appearance items for a SL set, which looks pretty sweet. I still need to do the final part, which is a dungeon.

I've found people in Rift, for the most part, are pretty decent. I've run into a lot of really nice people, not everyone is wonderful but, as I said, for the most part people are pretty friendly and helpful. There seems to be more room to help and work together. Less competition. I like that. I've even made a few friends, some real cool people. I don't find it as easy to make friends in MMO games, as I once did years ago. In EverQuest and the early years of WoW I had tons of friends. Then again there were more reasons and opportunities to make friends on your server.

So anyhow, leveling, builds and all that. My build is a Necro/Chloro mix. I was considered dps until the last few points, now I am a healer it seems. I like to be able to support people in groups, I like being able to last through a lot. It isn't the best dps but it is an enjoyable spec for me. I do have others that are more DPS oriented but I find that being so fresh into SL, a more supportive spec benefits me more for now. I think one of my favorite dps builds would be a mix of Harbinger with Chloro. The harbinger soul is quite fun.

My housing, or dimension rather, is coming along nicely. I've added more rooms to my little 'house thingie' I built, lol. I added ladders and levels. I need to expand it once again, just a few plat short but that will come soon. I do wish there was more reasons to go to your home but I LOVE working on it and adding items!

Sunday is my birthday, I'll be 35... my how time flies! I am thinking about asking for a years sub to Rift, I think that would be a great present, I really am enjoying the game a lot. I don't know for sure yet, just an idea, hehe.

I poked into EQ2 for the Heroes Festival. My bags are rather full and many locked, since I'm not subscribed at the moment. I need to clean them out and actually do the event quests. I ended up playing around with housing for several hours this week, lots of fun! EQ2 housing is very robust, so many items and houses/plots to build and decorate. I decided to move into one of my older houses, one of the older Qeynos houses that you have to pay for. It requires status and gold but the amounts are so measly to me now that is isn't a big deal. I love these older houses, they have a sweet charm about them and so much room to decorate, plus you can break out and decorate the outside, a nice bonus if you have portal pads. I have a plethora of them from past events over they years.

There are many reasons to go to your house in EQ2. Portals to travel, guild hall doors, setting up your broker/home shop (really crates people can come and buy from), apprentices stay there too, or even checking your mailbox from home. Always a reason to pop into your house, I like that.

But if I am to play I need to sub and buy the expansion. I am so far behind at 90 with a whole bunch of content to get through to the newest. I don't think it would take too long, a little daunting though. I think I will hold off for now, since Rift is taking up so much of my play time, I'm happy there.

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