Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fae Yule Is Here!

Fae Yule has come to Rift. Last year I wasn't able to participate, or rather, I didn't have an active subscription. I'm enjoying the event, collecting snowflakes, riding on a sleigh while I smash through snowmen, doing fun daily quests, getting cool holiday loot!

Which means my leveling has slowed down. But it's no big rush, the event is fun and I want to collect as many goodies as I can. I still haven't touched the dimension vendor, I want a few things for the guild hall and my personal dimension. From what I gather, the event has multiple phases, I also read there will be a quest for a mount, one also drops randomly, no luck so far! I did manage to get the cuuuuutest corgi, Rudy. He's simply adorable, with this little, red nose and antlers!

The guild is going well, growing. Such a nice bunch of people. I really enjoy the guild and all of our members. It is probably the most interaction I've had in an MMO in quite sometime. I have been in guilds over the last year but nothing really felt like home. I'd say my EQ2 guild was the most welcoming in the past year, they still are happy to see me upon logging in, that did feel like home for awhile. But I don't know, maybe it is the community here in Rift, maybe it is the fact that I'm the one who started this guild. Maybe I'm making more of an effort? I don't think that is it, I always try to be chatty and friendly, as well as helpful. Maybe it is a combination of everything. I love it though. I'd like to set up some events that many levels can participate together in. I'm just so out of energy lately, perhaps in a month things will settle down after the holidays.

Last night I did a bit of work on the Laptop, it was in dire need of maintenance. It has been about a year since I really played anything on it. It isn't much of a gaming computer but I wanted something to mess around on in the living room, in the evenings. So, that took some time to fix. When I installed Rift and went to patch it, I got this yucky error (Error- 1009) which basically told me it was unable to connect and patch. Read up about it and everyone says- Format, format, format. I was not in the mood for that, no way. After a bit of work, some research and lots of time spent, well, it turns out it was a virus causing the issue, got it cleaned up and everything is all fine and dandy. I also had noted that the firewall settings were messed up and unable to be altered, glad I got it all fixed.

We also added a new member to our (RL) family, which has been keeping me busy too. No, not another kid! Those days are long gone! My son has had rats over the years and has missed having a small pet to keep him company (two cats and a dog aren't enough it seems), but I just wasn't up for another rat. Ours ran into so many health problems, and it was painful to watch them deteriorate over such a short lifespan as well. Thus we now have a ferret. It didn't help that I've always wanted one too, lol. As a child I would have done anything for one, I know how it is to really want a pet like that. His name is Gwin (from the Inkheart books, which he looks just like the ferret in the movie). He is the cutest little guy, he has bounds of energy as well. He's been fixed and his scent glands are removed, thankfully. While he has a strong smell, he doesn't stink the house up, like some I've seen years ago. So, busy, busy, busy days. Below is a pic of him, so hard to get him to sit still for a pic, one out of twenty!

That's it for today, safe adventures and all that!

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