Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eye Candy

Some guild members and I. I absolutely love this guild, Stellar, the people are so wonderful. They anchor me, which is hard for me to do in games these days.

I'm a corgi! My pet is a corgi! Is there anything cuter?

Fooling around with a new guitar toy in SL. It plays some neat songs, annoyingly enough it causes me to sit in the air, the animation scripted into the item. Since I cannot edit the animation out... I had to find a stool prop I made awhile back. Maybe I should make my own! A good project to work on.

Twig and I, ready for winter. Adventure Time swag galore, you can't see it but I even have an adventure time backpack on. I need to help her make a Fiona outfit and I can be Marshal Lee, lol. 

My house, which I am thinking about making myself a huge one, since we have our own place to mess around in, which means LOTS and LOTS of prims. Well, it isn't mine but I like to think of it as home. Twiggy and I at the new table.


  1. Nice screenshots! The corgi's are awesome.

  2. love the screenshots - thanks for sharing :) i too am loving the corgi's hehe




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