Sunday, August 5, 2012

Technical Difficulties

Pose fun. Making poses currently, One I've been working on for a prop.

So, I've finally gotten SL fixed. I've just been lazy with posting. I had a bout with customer service, basically telling me to pay for technical support (included in a sub, which I do not need). After a good bit of testing and reading, testing, crashing, crashing, testing, crashing... You get the picture? I managed to resolve the problem on my own. I just wasn't going to pay for support on a game I already spend too much on, I pay far more than a sub and I wasn't happy with that answer. I'll either do it myself or quit. I did get a survey after my call to Linden Labs and I mean to give them a good piece of my mind. I did have a long 'ranty' post on the topic but I just don't have the energy to work on it today.

What was the problem? Basically my inventory was randomly adding items, in massive quantities, to my character's appearance. I looked like a walking garage sale. It was highly frustrating as I have a huge inventory but all is well now. I guess it goes with the territory in a game like SL.

I've been working on a lot for my shop. I'm creating a lot of poses and props now. I really enjoy making poses, something different for a change. It might not seem like much but as a gamer it is very cool to make my own poses and animations. I'm still a long way off from selling animations, I'm a bit too lazy to work on anything very long, at the mo, but I'm loving the poses.

I've taken a bit of a break from building houses and shops, for the most part. They can be exhausting, sometimes and I just like to switch up what I create. Keeps things fun. That's mostly what I do in SL, it's just something none of my other game offers in such depth; creating to this extent. Anyhow I wanted to get a quick post in as I've been pretty quiet these last few days. I'll share some pics too ;) When don't I share picks? Heh.

Still playing EQ2, enjoying that as well. Working on my shop slowly in SL.

Dance animation 'toy' I created. 

Pose and prop, 'Daydreaming'.

Cane prop with this pose, both turned out rather charming. 

Boxes and beer as a prop. Just something fun, little skelly friend for kicks added to it, heh.

'Your Move' pose with a chess piece 'prop'. 

Kicked back pose.

Afk DJ booth. 

And just a cut pic of the kitties. Mine got sick, lol. 

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