Monday, August 6, 2012

So Much To Do, So Little Time

Since I'm still subbed to WoW, with the annual pass, I decided to pop in and mess around a bit lately. Should I work on my main; tradeskills, making money, factions, achievements and things like archaeology? Or should I play up another alt, or attempt to, before the expansion hits? I thought it might be fun to play up another alt gathering dust. A plate class maybe? Death Knight seemed the fun choice, I do have an 80 DK but she's naked, I sold off her gear, and she's on another server. Meh. So, I'll just play up the one I have here, which is now sitting at 61.

Can I make it to 85 before the expansion? I'm sure I can, but the questions really is- if I will stick with it. I've been through these zones so many times over the years but currently it is still not bad going through it again. With heirlooms, guild bonuses, and flying it really is a breeze now. I suppose I have taken a long enough break from leveling in WoW that is it refreshing to have a direction and goal to work on. Plus, tons of cool appearance items to grab up as I level, right? I sold off so much with my other characters before there was any transmog.

My mains are on the Alliance but I felt like playing on the Horde since I had a DK sitting there, already out of the intro zone. I didn't feel like doing it for the umpteenth time, heh. So, I sold some trade materials on my 85 Priest sitting there and managed to get flying paid for. I can transfer some gold over through the neutral AH in the future, if I need. I should make a decent amount leveling to 85 though.

I'd like to have another class to 85 to play around with, a melee class too. The hunter will most likely be my main when MoP hits, but I like to have a selection of chars to play with and choose from. Plus, I'm lacking a plate class to play dress up with, ha! Plate armor looks so great, especially those big, chunky boot models they added with Wrath. There are a few mail boot models, I have two of them on the hunter, but the plate classes get a huge variety. Ahem... I'm rambling about shoes, sorry, heh.

I still have other games I'm trying to keep up with also, EQ2, and I'm always working on my shop in SL- Which I get bogged down with because it is so time consuming inside and outside of the game (creating graphics and listings). I'm going to see how long it lasts, hopefully more than a few days, heh. Wish me luck!

Safe adventures!

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