Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Interesting Tidbits

Oh.... Exciting!

So, while I'm sitting around waiting on SL to unscrew itself and load up my massive inventory, refer to my last post, heh) I thought I'd mention a few interesting topics out there today.

SW:TOR is going F2P. Honestly, it's about time and now maybe I'll log in and mess around at my own leisure from time to time. I think TSW-Well maybe GW2, we'll see- will be the last MMO I purchase at release for a long time. Don't quote me on that, lol. But, I am going to try to bide my time and wait for them all to go F2P, seriously. I'm sure TSW will also, just give it some time. I end up paying massive amounts for games that I play for a week and then they go F2P. I need to stop being so impulsive. Nothing wrong with F2P either. I love being able to pop in and poke my head into these games whenever I feel up to it.

Long gone will be the days where EverQuest gear is ... hrmm shall we say antique, or static looking. It seems it's just going to have a little more variety. The Heroes Forge will allow players to have much wider customization options to how they look. It's stated to utilize in-game armor and cash shop stuff too. I look forward to hearing more about this. Before you frown and snub your nose at this- Keep in mind that this is a 13 year old game and stuff like this is really not something we see often in older games. Better late than never.

Hugh, over at the (MMO Melting) Pot, as a really good article about PvP flagging and Pet battles. I think he's spot on about the two types of players who go after each of these objectives, they don't mesh in most situations. To me it's just silly but that's WoW. Always forcing us to change and adapt to the developer's every whim, which happens about as often as the weather changes. When the game first released they had zones which were contested and flagged you, which were later changed, guess the developers felt we needed more change? That'll really make those Carebears cry!

Zentia shuts it's doors this month. I really, really loved this game. However, the world was so sparsely populated I always felt like the inevitable was nipping at my heels. The (Zentia) website hasn't been updated since March and that always worried me too. Looks rather dead. I am very sad to hear this, I think it was a wonderful game, great for pet collectors, adventurers, it had so many neat events every day too, and I spent a lot of time playing on and off. Such a really great game, it had a lot of fun things to do and it was really different. Very sad indeed. I just noticed an email in my box a bit ago and Syp, over at Massively has an article on it also.

And TSW has some new stuff out, they've made it to the one month mark. I might pop in as I have a week or so left on my account I think. I won't be re-subbing though, just don't have the time (for another game) or the patience right now (to deal with poor performance), ah impulsive decisions. Nice though for those playing, new content on a regular basis is awesome!

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