Monday, May 16, 2011

Adventures in RoM

One great big adventure!

I'm really enjoying my time in Runes of Magic. There have been changes since I last tried the game, things like temporary mounts and pets in the cash shop pushed me away. I'm not into the whole rental thing, while there are some things like that, still, not as much that I notice them so much. Extra bag and house space is rented and I'm not too crazy about that, I'd just like to purchase it once and be done with it or not at all.

Other than that the game has a nice laid back feeling. I don't feel in a huge rush to level, or purchase tons of cash shop stuff all the time, just enjoying the game as I go. The quests are fun, my character kills things at a decent rate and I am a Priest. I am slacking on my secondary class but I've read that some people wait until higher levels and turn in quests on the secondary class and get a major boost all at once, instead of slowly leveling both. That seems more fitting for me at this place in time.

My spring pets and I.

I haven't gotten knocked off my mount once, what a relief! I hate when MMO games have mobs that knock you off your mount every few mobs or so. I've been exploring and gaining quite a few titles. There are some special events in the game now and I've gotten a few neat titles and items. The coolest thing is a pet transformation potion. If you feed it to a pet it will permanently transform them. In this case it was the cutest little white bunny with brown spots, I had really been hoping for one! You have a traveling companion pet, which boosts stats and, at times, fights with you, it is a bit random. You can also have a 'vanity' type pet out too, which is just for looks. The newbie pet, in my pictures, was a promotional gift from months ago and offers advice and a few other benefits, it is a nice little vanity type pet with a plus side!

Our guild castle.

I joined a nice guild and checked out the guild castle. In this game guilds get huge castles. I am not sure how much space you actually get to decorate them but the whole castle thing is really a nice bonus of being in a guild. It even has an outdoor area. If I ever make it to higher levels, I could see myself creating a guild to have my own castle, heh. For now it is nice to have other people to talk to and learn from.

There is always something to do. Gathering pet food at the pet farm, the daily pet tame 'task', much cheaper than buying traps! Simply hand in a golden egg to the pet trainer guy and he will let you tame a pet a day. I like the pet system but I am still trying to find out what happens if a pet gets too hungry, will it die, will it run away? I am in the process of starving a boar pet to find the conclusion of this nagging question. Poor little Bacon, I hope he makes it through this experiment, even if he is more for a melee based character, he is quite cute.

I really enjoy having different pets that can assist me (sometimes, they tend to be lazy), add in innate bonus effects and just have cute little traveling companions. There are so many different looks I keep finding myself chasing people down to get a closer look at the neat pets they have! Pets can also harvest for you, a nice quality for those who don't really like to gather materials. It costs for the tools but in the end I don't think it is too bad of a deal.

Taking care of my plants.

The housing system isn't very robust, but I really like having housing still. I have extra 'bank' slots there, I can go there to swap out primary and secondary classes (higher up there will be three total) and I have some plants I take care of, growing things and selling the harvests for profit. I have two potted plants I fertilize and water at all times. It is something different to do on the side.

There is an auction house and in this FTP game there isn't anything prohibiting you to use it. I am very glad, as in some of my FTP games not being able to utilize all the AH aspects really kills things for me. I use it quite often and it has helped my income greatly.

My snazzy new title!

Maybe I will grow tired of it in a few levels, I don't know. All I know is I am loving it, it's fun right now. Maybe it is the little things, or perhaps something new, that have me pulled in. I like the cloth armor appearance, the pet system has me happy as a bug in a rug and I'm glad to have housing in this type of MMO. I've never given the game a fair try and it really is much better than I initially thought. It feels very smooth and fluid, which helps with staying power. So, if you're looking for something free and fun, it is worth it. I did drop a few dollars into a basic mount for travel, I think it is well worth it in the long run- Plus it supports the game.

I plan on writing more as I venture further in the game. Until then , safe adventures all! Have a great week.



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