Saturday, May 14, 2011

SOE- Welcome Back!

What a nice surprise, checking twitter I see that SOE has some interesting news! Woo, SOE games are back online and the rewards with the Welcome Back program are pretty nice. I am sure many people will be happy to log into their games, and heck some people will be glad about the welcome back program because everyone benefits. My EQ, EQ2, (probably EQ2X sub?) and Vanguard accounts are all activated. Oh man, my playtime just got a bit slimmer. I am going to be playing all three games and utilizing the free time. I have two EQ accounts and I have been, as it hits every few months, itching to play my EQ characters.... Just as this outage hits. So, this is very nice indeed.

Check out this link here, it shows all games and rewards. Don't miss out if you have a SOE station account. I checked on Free Realms and they have a nice seven day reward program. Very, very nice items, the link here shows all of them. I just logged into Free Realms and claimed my Lonely Lot and 20k coins.

EQ2 has city festivals, Moonlight Enchantments event and the Ether Races return... Awesome! As well as loot bonanza (sounds interesting), double XP and guild XP. EQ and Vanguard have double XP, not bad, but I would have thought maybe some housing items to sweeten the pot, as some of the other games are getting more. But I can't complain as I am benefiting pretty nicely in my other games and really double XP in EQ is realllly nice.

I have seen some comments, floating around on the web, reminding people to change their passwords but SOE has that covered. Before you can log into ANY account you must change your password to do so. I'm glad because I tend to be lazy and forgetful sometimes, lol.

I'm very happy to see SOE games back up! I always tend to play at least one of them at any given time. Hopefully people will be pretty understanding, even if they were not playing these games at the time, everyone with an account still benefit from free time and rewards. I'd say that is a very nice welcome back program. Free stuff always tends to soften people up.



  1. AnonymousMay 17, 2011

    I just googled and saw PSN peeps can get two out of a list of five games, free of charge! I believe they were Dead Nation, InFamous, Little Big Planet, uh... Super Stardust HD... aannnnd Wipeout! (whew, almost forgot the last one ^_^;)

    If I can only choose two (as the Misses may have an account of her own, I forget) I'm going with Dead Nation and InFamous. If, between the both of us, we can only choose two, I'm swapping out Dead for LBP for her, as she likes being all customizy and all that.

    Kudos on all your nifty new stuff you can bask in! I saw your other post about that magic game and man are you gonna be torn for time XD

  2. Gah... Too much fun stuff to do at once!

    I didn't know about the free games. I will have to check that out... If we can get one LBP would rock! I'll have to get my son to look, thanks for the tip! I was so wrapped up in the MMO part I missed the PSN goodies!




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