Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PFG! Paying For Group?

So... Which one of you is going to pay so we can group together?

Blizzard has another feature coming to us soon (tm), the cross server dungeon finder premium. Basically you can queue up with friends from other servers... for a price. Honestly, if I'm not playing on the same server as them, they probably don't care enough to group with me in the first place. I have friends I speak to through RealID, they play on other servers and they are usually doing other things than I am, leveling alts, PvP and raiding. To me this isn't something I'd ever pay for. If I really wanted to play with someone, well... why not transfer? TO MY SERVER =p

In my opinion this is just something that could have been implemented for free. It could have been something to strengthen the community for those that really are really social. Sure it still can be, not for me though. I'd rather pass on paying more on top of a subscription. This sounds like something that you'd see in a 'freemium' game- Not a subscription.

I'm not knocking Blizzard but I don't think this is the direction the game needs to take, it just seems like milking more money from customers who already pay subscriptions. Add it in an expansion if you want to charge for it or perhaps a one time fee, as long as it isn't too outrageously expensive, I could see that working. I would guess it is monthly fee much like the mobile deal, which I am way too cheap to pay for. I'd rather put my money to better use.

I'd love to see the company doing more things to help players feel the belong in the world. Player housing, you have your own part of the world to stow your trophies and so on, appearance slots, show off that gear you worked so hard for so long ago (instead of rotting in the bank, getting vendored... or worse- deleted). Guild halls would be a great aspect too! I love WoW but it feels like the whole game is aimed at gearing up as fast as possible and throwing away all that hard work, you don't always feel like a part of things, especially when you're replacing everything you worked so hard for on such a regular basis. Paying for a service that enables me to cross server group with friends isn't going to do it for me. How about you?



  1. What if I care enough to pay to play with you? I have RL friends all over the place and would welcome the chance to play with them.

    Paying sucks but I'll wait and see how much it costs.

  2. You were the first person to come to mind when I thought of this system ;)

    If it was a one time payment I'd be really interested. Just not up for adding more to my sub as I don't play it as often as I did.

    I know it will be really valuable to a lot of people, I just wish this wasn't something they were trying to charge for :(

  3. I know the feeling about transferring... though I just roll new toons. Blizz gets monthly payments, I've never been a fan of that in the first place, let alone paying them even more. As you said, this SHOULD be a free service, though I am not surprised at all.

    Blizz has been going premium with an item shop on top since the whole Activision merger. Pets. Mounts. Heck, the trading card 'game'? The whole thing is just a decoy for loot cards, really. All nearly ALL of those cards should have gone directly to Engineering schematics, lord knows they need the loving, especally back then when they got the shaft even more.

    If they can get money, they'll charge for it. Even if they don't get much, the extra money still is money. RealID is borked from the get-go anyway. When first announced EVERYONE playing Blizz games was excited. Talking to friends, cross server groups, all that jazz.

    Then it came out. And everyone was dissappointed haha

    First huge glaring issue is that it requires your real name. Why not just your account name? (It's not like we need that anyway, as we got the email system in place wiht the blizz ID.) Oh wait! Let's just give random people *that very email* address so all they need to do is learn your password and hack it! (Surprise surprise, Authenticator sales are high now, and who sells those... -_^)

    The "gamer's-first" (money second) attitude died in Wrath. If Yoda were here he'd probably chime in with a "Depressing, this is."

  4. I've always been annoyed with the TCG thing, EQ and EQ2 have them but they are online and you can buy/trade them far easier if you reallllly want one. Still, why not throw cool stuff in your game to keep people playing, accessible cool stuff through quests or trades! $$$$$$$...

    I have friends who won't use RealID, on other servers or the other factions because they are scared to use it. I have about lost touch with them, which stinks.

    I never understood why you use your account information to hand out to people! Not only your login name but your first and last name are given out! I am surprised they haven't had more trouble with this.

    It should have been something like charname_server. Or a handle. It could have been so much better. And there are people who still won't use it so their premium service won't be as accessible to those people.

    Yoda would be right :(




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