Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tricks and Treats....

It was a dark and stormy night in Freeport...
I love me some Halloween events! Everquest 2 has a fantastic event, Nights of The Dead, which went live today. There are crafting recipes for the holiday, a couple of instances, trick or treating and many other fun things. It's something different, fun and Halloween, yes I love Halloween! More on the event and my travels after I've had more of a chance to delve in!

I do plan on adding more to my Event Calendar, October makes a full circle from when I started so I'll be adding some cool events to it later this week. This month should open up a world of fun with all the events... Oh I get giddy at the thought!

I've played WoW since release and sometimes I miss playing lately, I sure do miss my friends. However, with this new patch I'm glad I'm not playing. I'm tired of stats being added and removed, talent trees being changed around over and over, class mechanics being scrapped and reworked (sometimes it can be good- not on a constant basis). I think that those things burn people out. WoW is a great game, I just wish developers would stop trying to tweak a game of it's age and keep people happy with consistencies- Content on a quicker schedule, class stability and PvE changes to suit PvP need to be toned down (separate them). All I can say is I'm rather glad I'm not having to deal with the changes again, at this time.

I've gotten invites for closed beta for a couple of neat games- Iris and Bloodline Champions (PvP for the latter one, not sure how into that I'll be though). I hope to take a peek at them if I have time this weekend or next week since they look pretty fun. Vindictus has gone into open beta, it looks good. I want to check this out too. So many games, so little time...*Scrambles around to make some time*

I also hope to join some friends in LoTRO this weekend. It's been a bit since I logged in and I feel sort of flaky for not playing it more. EQ2 just has me in such a grip and I am loving that feeling. Speaking of LoTRO I sure hope they have some fun Halloween goodness soon. Creepy fun in LoTRO sounds real good! Next month I want to spend more time in LoTRO and Vanguard.

See you around, Boils and Ghouls!


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