Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Getting Ready For Velious! (EQ2)

Yesterday I got a lot done in EQ2. I fiddled around with my outdoor housing for a bit, didn't want it to look too naked! Then I moved on to do my deity pet quest, Bertoxxulous, which seemed fitting for a Necromancer. I completed a few quest chains I wanted to finish up for awhile, hit (Ding!) level 56 and then moved on to the Velious Prelude event.

I'm not going to spoil the prelude event, I thoroughly enjoyed it and even saw some old races from the original game make an appearance. I was even shocked to see an NPC appearing as an Everquest Erudite (which looked way better IMO) and a race from the original Velious. As an old EQ player I appreciate the lore and the charm of seeing 'old' places. While they are still 'alive and well' in the other game it creates a bridge from new to old.

The quest chain wasn't hard at all and the rewards were nice. It had a bit of travel and was all soloable so I was very happy and thankful I could participate even though I'm not at the level cap. Lodizal even showed an appearance at some point. It's Velious!

So, while I did miss out on the first day of (EQ) HoT, I have plenty of time in the future to play around with it! I did see WoW had an update too and at times I miss it but I don't miss having my class remolded. I feel for the Druids who lost ToL (Tree form) and loved it and the Locks who 'lost' pets who they had for years, some of us grow attached! However, I'm really happy gaming again and that's all that matters in the end.


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