Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rainy Day...Beta Day

It's a rainy day and my dog is making me crabby because she won't walk when it rains, the cat is jumping all over the house like a little imp, my son fell in the rain and scraped up his hands and arms pretty badly and to top it all off our apartment office had a mix up and sent me an eviction notice stating we had to be out- yesterday. It started out as a pretty glum day.

My son feels better now, the dog finally went outside, the cat is sleeping and the regional manager at the office fixed up the mix up. After all this I sat down to check my email and saw I had been accepted into Everquest's  House of Thule beta! I'm currently downloading it so I'll be checking it out tonight. I am so excited!

I can't give anything away really on how things are going until the NDA is lifted. However, when it is I'll have plenty to say and share. Only forty minutes to go before I can log in and check it out! I've never been in any beta for Everquest so this is very exciting for me!

I suppose every cloud has it's silver lining! 


  1. Nice one =) Having got into a certain beta recently i can fully understand the excitement. I hope for your sake you have less trouble than i had downloading the 15 gigs worth of cataclysm ;) Ive barely dipped my toe in but i feel iv seen enough and dont want to spoil it for myself lol weird i know.

  2. weird my comment went in as anon

  3. Ah that is odd.

    I know what you mean, I did not want to dig too deep when I was in Wrath of The LK beta. And O-M-G what a nasty DL that was too lol.

    EQ only took about an hour and I am currently checking out the housing. *swoons a little*

    Gratz on the beta it is always so exciting to check things out ahead of time!!

  4. Hey grats on the beta! I'm telling you, I have the worst luck, have never and will probably never get into any beta I care about :P But I'm certainly glad when others do!

  5. Grats! I can understand the excitement. I think I was the same when I got into the Sc2 beta.

    Right now its raining and grey here too so I'll try to find myself some silver linning:)

  6. @GC- Thanks! Just keep your fingers crossed ;) I was so happy about seeing the housing and content ahead of time. Now I know what to expect. I've even put in some feedback and reported some bugs so I hope that helps.

    @Lono- TY! I didn't know you got into SC2 beta, very cool! Hope you do find that silver lining :D




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