Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Everquest Mercenaries- Isn't he cute

Isn't he so cute with his 'widdle' daggers!
The other day I saw someone running around with one of the new mercenaries in Everquest. It was this cool little lizard man. I just had to have one! Though it took me a bit of searching to find where to find them. There are the lizard man, bixie, orc and brownie mercs to choose from as DPS, with the latest update 'Rage of The Mercenaries'.

What kind of mercs are available? The basic ones I mentioned are available along with the original healer and tank mercs. The DPS mercs are wizard and Rogue mercs and they actually function very well. With the House of Thule pre-order there are two (I assume them to be; a caster and the other a melee) mercs available also, they have unique skins. Halloween is coming around the corner and there is a special merc from an event. There are a few others like the beta rewards, LON loot cards and the clockwork mercs.

Tank it Mr. Rogue! I like to make him tank light blue mobs.
Everquest isn't for the feint of heart, it's not a game that coaxes you along holding your hand every step of the way. While it's much easier than the harsh and hardcore game it started out as, over a decade ago, it's still a game that offers challenges. There is older content for those wishing for more of a casual experience and the mercs fill in the blanks for grouping and soloing. They are a very nice addition to the game, something I never thought I'd see in Everquest and have grown to absolutely love. I can now go solo, well molo, AA points on my Rogue, where years ago this would have been like finding ice water in hell.

I prefer to duo with my husband most of the time but when he isn't home or isn't playing it is nice to run off to adventure and have my merc there with me. Check out the link to find out all you need to know about mercenaries!

See ya' in Norrath!


  1. It occurs to me it's been more than a few months now since I stopped playing. I feel like a dirty traitor, though I'm sure I'll wander back in again at some point when I have more time, or can no longer contain my curiosity about the new expansion.

    Do you still play any of your Bristlebane characters? =p

  2. Hehe, we do the same thing always end up going back. The expansion is lookin' good pretty excited about it still.

    We do on occasion but mainly FV these days. We still have a lot of characters on BB we miss but we just always end up messing around on FV instead. We were talking about playing the BB chars sometimes too, just last night. Is that your home server?

    I poked in there yesterday, it seems a lot more populated since the merge. I think what I like about FV is my fave 'haunts' are always open lol!

  3. Ohhh... your a tricksy one! I see how you talk about EQ being a hard game and your trying to get me to play it.

    You'll never get me! MWHAHAHAHA

    *sweeps cape dramatically and run off in the distance*

  4. Who me?!!!


    *Makes a dramatic exit, flipping her hair or something... then sneaks back over and yells*

    "You know you're curious!"

    *Runs away*

  5. It is. Originally Solusek Ro, which I still cling to with a bit of stubborn server pride.

    I totally forgot merges happened. I remember talk about it, and I think it was not long before I left. Hrm. More people is nice, but even before the merge my favorite camps (lavakin in Brell's Rest, a few assorted SoD places) were pretty often taken, though the expansion should lighten the load a bit.

  6. Yeah I started on Lanys T'Vyl, it was a great server. When the mergers went together it merged with Seventh Hammer now that has merged with Tunare. I don't know why but eventually we went to another server, Bristlebane. I always miss Lanys and the people but most all of my friends are long gone, it's been so long since I spoke to many of them.

    FV is pretty good, not as populated and a lot of camps are open which is nice. It's a decent server, soon they are going to do some changes to make it more appealing for people to play there, possibly transfers I hear.

  7. What a great resource!

  8. Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.




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