Monday, September 6, 2010

Levels, Levels, Levels!

Kung-Fu kick to the head!
This past weekend in Everquest was a lot of fun. You know that feeling you get when you are excited to play a character? You're excited to log in and play it, it's nice to feel it again. I had plans to work on my Shaman but the Rogue has taken over most of my playing time and she is now level 65. I created her this week, so with the bonus xp, some soloing, Dire grouping with me and xp pots- it's all added up nicely.

I've never played a Rogue extensively in the past so it's pretty refreshing. I am learning a bit more about the class and the poisons... oh the poisons are so nice! They add a nice bonus to the dps. I am working on my AA points now and the class really rounds out with them. I'm even spending a little time on trade-skills this time around.

What's nice about Everquest is you really feel accomplishments as you work on your character. It requires some thought, you don't have some cookie cutter spec you have to do either. Plus the community is very nice for the most part. It's easier than it was in the past, especially with the addition of mercenaries. They help fill in the blanks.

We even met up with a few people over the weekend to group with. You don't really need a LFD system in a game like EQ, you have hotzones (bonus xp for xping there) and it's a common-ground to meet up with people around your lvl. If you can't find a group you can always take your merc and go off to 'molo'.  Plus I don't feel pushed to play a healer anymore because we can always have a healer around with the mercs.

I love the variety of zones to level in.
Still after almost eleven years, I enjoy the game more than ever. Abilities still mean something, classes are unique and taking chances does have it's rewards and 'drawbacks'. Plus I just like to run around smashing in monster face, or in this case stabbing them in the back, instead of questing all the time. You'd think it would be boring but it's actually more fun than it sounds. There are quests but not the kind that require you to follow a set path. I like switching around places to level.

While it sounds like I spent all weekend leveling it actually took less time than you'd think. The levels flew by! I was busy throughout the weekend and we actually had a little Abyssinian kitten find us. Yes, he cried out and requested we take him home. I don't know where he came from but he was so cute and sweet we took him in. I am suppose to be fiind him a new home but nobody seems to be in a hurry to see him go as he really is a funny little guy who brings mirth into the house. I didn't actually want a kitten but he is simply adorable.

Tut- The King Kitten!
While my doggie Coco is a gloomy bear who loves to lay around all the time (whom he loves to pounce on whilst she is sleeping), he dances around playing with everything in sight, meowing at us and hopping in laps. He likes to sit in laps at the computers too, when he is tired. Abyssinian cats are not suppose to be lap cats and he is only when he is tired otherwise he is prowling the house. A very intelligent cat too. What caught my attention when I first saw him was his looks. While at first glance he looks like a normal orange tabby he is actually a ginger color and his face is elongated, eyes almond shaped, ears larger than normal and he is very lanky. He even has the trademark M shape over the eyes. He's a darling!

I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday weekend!


  1. I tried to download Everquest last week, but for some reason it wasn't working. Logging onto the Everquest for Mac forums, I see this has been an ongoing problem. Naturally, this isn't given me nice feelings of the Mac version. If you can't get your Mac version to work correctly, quit selling it. I'll give it one more try when I have time this weekend, if it doesn't work, after calling support. I'm cancelling my subscription.
    I also found out that Mac players play on their own server.

    Sony's reasoning is it's because of the difference, which to me means it would have been smart for them to have thought about going a different route before making it available to Mac players. I've played in games on the same servers as Windows users.

    I love cats, the are so adorable. I used to find mine, Veba, hiding in the most unusual places. She loved tight corners and occasionally I'd find her tucked away in a small box. Since she loved timy boxes so much, I eventually covered one with fabric, and made a soft cusion for her to rest on. I even put a sock mouse stuffed with Valarian in there. If you think cats go nuts over catnip, you should check out Valarian. ;)

  2. Ah, you should have asked me about the mac version! It's been more of a classic server for years. It only has up to the Planes of Power expansion and that is it. Which was the fourth expansion- we are fixing to be on the seventeenth expansion next month.

    It's still played on and last I heard it is up and running well, while the software might be a bit dated would be my guess as it doesn't get as much attention.

    I don't know why they have the Mac server so far behind, it's so much of an older game can be my only guess. At some point they just quit updating that version.

    Heck I heard at one time they were giving away keys for the mac server. Not sure though. But if you want to play the updated game it is today you won't find it there sadly.

    Ah yeah- Free

    Damn I would have loved to seen you play!!! It's such a great game which I think you would have greatly enjoyed. We just got a loyalty program this week and it's really cool too.

    Actually after doing some poking around you technically could play it on the Mac, the PC version but I don't know if it would be worth the trouble for you. I have read Bootcamp is the best bet on more recent forums.

  3. I got so caught up reading about what you could do I forgot about the cat comment haha. I will have to get some Valarian for him, where can you find it?

  4. Hi Kaozz,
    I was able to log on, and get the link the problem came when trying to log onto EQ, it won't synch correctly. From what I've read, the Mac version can be difficult to set up. Naturally that doesn't sell me on the game. I don't use Bootcamp, if I wanted to play on a Windows computer I'd simply use one I already have, lol. I think I might try out Warhammer, I know that works. ;)

    Re: Valarian,
    You *might* be able to find Valarian at your natural health food store Valrian has a pungent odor, but cats seem to love it. Veba acted like she was going in heat, me-OOWIngs and making a fool of herself, lol.

    If you have an aromatherapy shop in your area, ask them for Valarian essential oil. All you would have to do is add a few drops to one of its kitty toys and refresh when needed. I've used the oil and the herb, although both work, I preferred the herb. When the smell died down, I simply refreshed it with the valarian essential oil.

  5. Oh by the way, I sent you a request on Facebook. I mainly use it for family and a few friends. Unfortunately a few old friends contacted me too (insert old boyfriends.) Heh

    I'm currently downloading Warhammer, they have something called a forever free trial, and yes it's available for the Mac too. A buddy tried to get me to play it last year, however it wasn't available for the Mac at that time. I'll let you know how I like the game. :)

  6. Yeah I figured you wouldn't want to do all that hehe.

    I will definitely check that stuff out. I want to keep the little guy but my cat allergies are acting up, if they don't clear up soon I'm going to have to find him a new home soon!!

    I just like to use hime to talk to a few close friends and family too. Added ya!

    Warhammer you might actually like since you love PvP!




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