Friday, September 10, 2010

Loyalty (Everquest)

This week Everquest launched it's loyalty program. It's nice to be appreciated as a customer and I love things like this. I already have 40 tokens and I'm excited about saving them up for some cool stuff. You can check more out in the eqplayers forum.

Today House of Thule pre-order is available! I know, I sound like a commercial... I am just very excited about the expansion and I will be pre-ordering! There are some real cool things along with it this year, I'll enjoy having those items.

Things have been moving along nicely, the Rogue is still level 65. I am working on alternate advancement points for awhile still then I will make my way to 71 and sit there for a bit. Dire has advised me well on my AA points as I was after some fluff points first. He advised me on some more dps oriented things which I am glad I took heed to.

My poisons now have the chance to crit for 6006 which is awesome! Right now on a normal proc they hit for 3003 so it basically doubles the damage, it's a nice boost. I just love the dps with the rogue and the more you put into the character the better it becomes, as with any class in the game. He's starting to be a monster tank with his Shadow Knight, it gets so much better with the AA points. He just kicks so much ass, it makes me jealous sometimes! The rogue is more up my 'alley' though.

I have not had too much time to play the last few days, yesterday I was so tired I thought my head would explode and actually fell asleep uncharacteristically early, hence the early post heh.

Oh, I now have the title (you gain several titles with each AA bracket) annihilator. That just sounds so evil. I annihilate things... mwahahaha! I think I also got shadow, phantom and another cool one but this one was the coolest for me.

*Slinks off into the shadows in search of something to annihilate...*



  1. Are you still playing EQ2X much? Not that I'd blame you if you aren't, I wouldn't either if I already have an actual sub to EQ2. :P

  2. I haven't dropped it, just been playing mostly EQ lately. I will continue to play EQ2X just at least for logging in on holidays- which I really love.

    I am sure one of these days I'll re-sub to EQ2, just not sure which server.




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