Thursday, March 11, 2010

Everquest Update and Mechamatic Blueprint

Everquest had an update yesterday, a few changes were included. First off there is a free three day promotion for Underfoot. Annoyingly- I can't find any solid information other than the forums. Check email, best advice I can offer on that. 72 free hours, it's free, why not check it out? The full patch notes can be found here.

Underfoot mobs have been tweaked a little, easier? Not sure, sounds like the developers are trying to make it more viable for groupers. Lowering damage and HP on several mobs and thinning out areas. Reward loot added to UF missions. Very cool, incentive for people to help out on those. Also, they changed the repop times (and rare spawn percentages) in UF zones. So it's looking better! A few spells and AA were changed. Ranger AA, HA got a nerf, I've read good and bad feedback on it. So, I don't really know how it is going so far.

 Mercenaries can now be maintained with Bayle Marks (an alternate currency).  These can be purchased on the marketplace as an alternate payment method to platinum. Platinum is still accepted by all mercenaries. I didn't see these in the station shop yet though. A little confused on that still. Speaking of mercs, I noticed a new claim item- Mechamatic Blueprint. Click it and speak to the Mercenary Liaison Hadya Ware- near the soul binder in PoK for your very own clockwork merc (tank or healer). You can claim one on each character.. the claim offers 999 claims heh. They are oh-so-cute!

Last night I ended up soloing. After watching an episode of Rome, Dire fell asleep. So I went off to BoT to grab some AA's. I ended up gaining a few and killing a few named for some parchments. It went pretty well, I didn't go LFG as I just wanted to grind out a few AA before logging for the night.

Some Modest Mouse, just because!

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