Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Meet Tiffin

Last night I decided it would just be easier for me to have my Death Knight on the Horde side too. I do a lot on the Priest and it's just easy to hop back and forth on the same side. Plus not all my friends use real ID so it is nice to be able to see when they are on. A few have been leveling up and there is a friend who wants to do some instances when he gets caught up in a few levels. Plus I can send myself enchants, cloth, bags, food and all the things I use my Priest for.

A friend was asking me last night what her name means. It's Tiffin, if you are into WoW lore then you know it was the name of Varian Wrynn's late wife- Tiffin Wrynn. Who is Varian? You play too much Horde! He is the King of Stormwind. Plus, I thought it was a cute name.

I've done the DK area so many times, since LK beta, so it's not that much fun doing it over, it went pretty fast though. She is currently out and parked in Thrallmar. I already bought her the DK mount because I am tired of the basic Horde mounts. She has enough money sitting there for flying, heirloom flying is still waiting for her and I want to save some money up for dual spec. I should have enough by the end of the week. I love both blood and unholy specs so I want to use both as I level.

I've been doing a great many daily quests with my Priest to save up for the Death Knight. I was in the mood for doing some heroics yesterday but I only like to these days when I can join with a friend so I didn't end up doing much in that aspect yesterday.

Today I need to run out and do some fishing for some feasts. We have a go at our first ICC25 together. A lot of people are excited and I hope it goes well. Wish us luck!



  1. AnonymousJuly 22, 2010

    Ahhh, Tiffin Wrynn, that's why the name sounded so familiar! Haha, I knew that :P

    Anyway, just 6 more levels and I'll be in Outland as well! Can't wait.

  2. Oh, I definitely am familiar with Tiffin, then again I've read a lot of WoW lore; I still do. I guess you could say I'm fairly knowledgeable about the WoW from a lore standpoint.

    Death Knight starting area, had an amazing story line, but I simply could not stand it. It never was fun making a new DK. The last one I made was the DK on Silvermoon, I only did that to get professions and money to support my little Druid.

    I hope you had fun at the raid last evening.

  3. HAHA! So that's why that name sounded familiar. So when are we going to take down Varyan now?

  4. @ Mmogamerchick- Nice! It is nice being in Outland again. I love being able to fly there now, so much better.

    @Moondancer- I love the lore in Warcraft. I've read up on a bit of it in the past and my brother use to be really into the lore when he played.

    And the raid was ok

    @Lono- You big meanie! =p




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