Thursday, July 22, 2010

Raiding and Flying Chickens

Yesterday my guild and I did our first 25 man ICC run. We filled in some of the ranks with pug people. We had a rough start but it shaped up after the first kill. We ended up getting to Sarfang and really didn't have many snags. I think we took more time in between the bosses than actually downing them. People running to town, leaving, grabbing another dps and so on.

Most of the time I don't worry much about loot, if it comes my way, sweet, if not.. no big deal. Lady Deathwhisper happened to drop Nibelung and -OMG- I've wanted this so badly, since I first saw it. Of course I did not win it and it put me in a real snit for the night. This is really unlike me for the most part and I pouted for the rest of the night. 

I can get cranky when raiding though, not over loot for the most part. People being childish or stupid on vent, chat, dying to stupid things, they can start to put me into a bad mood It's not my guild and not my say, so I try not to say too much. We had an officer picking on one of our tanks who is a good friend of mine, over vent, it bothered me that this was just ignored. Things like that bug me, uncalled for drama. Even though I was quite crabby by the end of this raid I was glad I got to go along on the first 25 man run. I hope things shape up for us.

My Death Knight is coming along nicely. She is almost 61 now and I am going to buy her dual spec today! I am excited about playing her up. I bought her the DK 'chicken' mount and I am so glad I can fly in Outland! I just wish the DK mount wasn't so expensive... ah all the daily quests I've had to do for it!! All in the past now hehe.

See ya in Azeroth!


  1. Congrats on hitting 61, too bad you didn't win the staff. I saw a few of those floating around towards the end of my time within WoW. What's your guilds policy on rolling?

    One annoying officer can spoil your evening; too bad no one spoke up about it. I mentioned experiencing similar things in my priests, Holiterra's old guild, in that instance I left since the officers never pulled up the one jerk officer. Although he never attacked me personally, he did make a lot of negative comments towards others.

    I'm glad you're still enjoying your playtime within WoW! à;)

  2. Uhm... I didn't mean to sign as Pouncie, I must have WoW on the brain, heh.

  3. Hehe I was like... She's back! Just kidding!

    I'm having a few issues mostly from the newer members. More on that tomorrow. I don't know maybe I'm just too old fashioned on how to treat people... Really is being a decent person that freaking hard?!

    /rant off. Our policy on rolling is one main spec per person then it goes back around again. It doesn't count towards offspec rolls though. It can be good and bad I suppose.

  4. I try to just tune out everyone when raiding. I've been raiding since vanilla and heard so much crap over vent or in raid chat that I barely pay attention to the useless chatter. I must have gotten good at it cause I didn't catch the officer while he was doing it, only after you told that I noticed.

    For a first time in 25s I tought we did somewhat good. We just need to be better focused.

    PS: I really don't think I'll be on hand tonight, I'm starting my 2 week vacations so I think I'll probably get wasted or something. Tell mighty GL for me if I can't.

  5. Yeah, we have had some issues though but that will be in the next post heh.

    Will do. Hope you have a good time! Vacation time is always great! We did RS yesterday and they asked where you were hehe.




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