Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Indecisive Panda

Last night we had an off night raid for Ruby Sanctum. It wasn't our usaul raid night but one of the officers wanted to give it a shot. We did not finish it, I think we were close but some of the timing was off. I did have a nice time for the most part. Two of my friends tagged along and one of them ended up joining my guild.

I've been considering going Holy lately. I think the only thing holding me back is being lazy and not wanting to farm up some emblems to finish off the set. I may just work towards it a bit. Another thing is it gets time consuming and it takes time away from my alts. I'm quite rusty healing as Holy so I also need to refresh myself with the spec. 

I was also thinking of leveling up one of my alts to take the place of my main. I am still quite indecisive on it though. Sometimes my Priest makes me a sad panda with the rotation and spec. I only have one dps spec and two healing specs. I have no burst, no change of pace. I am probably the most indecisive person I know when it comes to characters.

I'm not really a sad panda, I'm quite happy lately with my Priest most of the time. It's really been fun being back this time around. I am enjoying myself so much that I have not been playing anything else. Well, I do log in to Free Realms but that will always be the case.

See ya in Azeroth!


  1. Ohhh. you sneaked pictures :)

    I'm still amazed at how big the damn shoulderpads are on my tauren. I could use one as a shield and fight with the other I think...

  2. Ohhh.. before I forget. I could use some work on my dps spec too and I need to farm with it some too. If you want to we can farm a bit together.. makes the heroics flow easier at least. Or I'll tank and we just get easy badges.

  3. Hehe yeah had to take some pics ;)

    Sounds good, I need to stock up on some badges if I want to work on a Holy spec.

    Tonight is our first 25man ICC, I need to go fish for some food for the raid... I've been slack heh.




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