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King Varian Wrynn- The Misunderstood King

I see a lot of flack on the recently returned King of Stormwind. Varian Wrynn is a jerk! He's a bloodthirsty savage! Orc hater! Truth be told he is a loyal king, who goes to extreme measures for his people. He's merely misunderstood. Much like the Lich King's story I find Varian's to be one that is often not known in depth and to be of great interest. While I do not have the time to cover his whole background I want to brush up on his history to shed some light on who Varian Wrynn is, what has made him the man he is.

The King's Story
Varian Wrynn is the son of King Llane Wrynn. At the young age of ten he watched his father's gruesome death. His heart cut out of his chest by half Orc Garona Halforcen, during the first war. Garona was supposedly an ally who ended up betraying the Kingdom with this evil act. Afterward the Horde overran his kingdom. There are other events to why the Horde did what they did but that is not a story for today. The deed was done and Stormwind was broken and destroyed.

Anduin Lothar (the Champion of Stormwind) was convinced there was no hope left for Stormwind, gathered Varian and the people to return North to Lordaeron. During this time Varian made friendships with many figures we know in Azeroth's history. Some of them being  King Terenas and his son Arthas Menethil. Terenas took Varian under his wing and looked upon him as a son. If you know anything about Arthas, you know he killed his father, which was another betrayal and blow to Varian.

Skipping to the future. Stromwind is retaken and rebuilt. Varian is officially crowned King at the young age of eighteen. Stormwind was rebuilt and renewed to it's former beauty. Varian met a lovely young lady, Tiffin, and married her. They had a son, Anduin, named after Lothar. However the King's happiness was short lived. With the uprise of the Stonemasons and their leader Edwin VanCleef  (Now the Defias Brotherhood) chaos broke out in the city, as they were upset they were not paid as they should be. Tiffin was killed in the midst of the chaos. Leaving Varian and his infant son to mourn her.

Varian slipped into depression for a time, however he bounced back and declared he would create a better world, after the third war. Around this time he left to Theramore to speak with lady Jaina Proudmoore on the relations of Horde and Alliance. The King never made it, he was abducted by the angry Defias. He was taken and held at Alcaz Island. Varian manages to escape the island but his freedom short lived as the was found on the coast of Durotar with no memory, almost drowned. He was found by gladiator trainer Rehgar Earthfury.

The story is deeper than we will delve into. However upon this time Rehgar enslaves Varian as a gladiator. Varian befriends Valeera Sanguinar and Broll Bearmantle. Along the way Broll helps him with visions from his past. (Be sure to say hi to them next time you do battle of the Undercity!)Varian being a fierce contender in the ring he is nicknamed "Lo'Gosh" - meaning "Ghost Wolf"

With another vision, helped to see with Broll, Varian sees a woman and child within it. She tells him his son and people need him. Eventually they escape and make way to Darnassus. After consorting with Tyrande Whisperwind they are directed to Theramore. Jaina Proudmoore would be able to help Varian find his memory.

Upon their arrival to Theramore Jaina unlocks many memories and realizes he is the Lost King of Stormwind. Jaina at once decided she must reunite the Lost King with his Kingdom. Varian learning who he really is feels unsure, for all he wished to be was "Lo'Gosh". They set off on a Voyage to Menethil Harbor. While making way to the Harbor they were attacked by Naga. During this attack Varian regains his memory, all except a few key parts of his abduction.

There were plots and magic used upon his abduction. Which adds more sorrow upon his story. Varian tries to find what he can. Upon returning to Stormwind he has to convince his son (and people) he is not an impostor, which he does, while almost losing his son while in the care of Lady Prestor.

Lady Lady Katrana Prestor seems to have an ill effect upon the newly returned King. This charming lady as we all know is more than she appears to be, Onyxia. Yet another battle for the King, he ends up in a fight to purge her from his Kingdom upon learning her true identity.

Currently the King of Stormwind is now where he belongs. Some call him ill tempered, rash and selfish. This is a king that has been through much hardship and pain. Sorrow has filled his life, yet he still fights for his people with a love of a King.

Selfish King or Fierce Protector?
So we know his story. We know his hardships. Varian has also been known to strike first and think later though he has some moments of kindness. "Stand down, Muradin. Let a grieving father pass." High Overlord Saurfang kneels over his son's body... I'll let you find those for yourself as I've taken enough time today to skim over his history. " In my eyes he is a very interesting character and a valiant leader in the Alliance.

In tribute to King Varian Wrynn
known to some as LO'GOSH the "Ghost Wolf"

His miraculous return from long years of exile and hardship has ignited a new fire of spirit and courage within the Alliance.

We shall march boldly into these perilous lands holding his valor and his tenacity in our hearts.

- Highlord Bolvar Fordragon

I'll leave you with this fun fact: Varian is voiced by Chris Metzen. Ironically, Metzen is also the voice of Thrall.

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