Saturday, May 15, 2010

Small Vacation

Ahh.. It's good to back in Norrath. Takes in deep breaths of fresh Norrathian Air! I finally got around to reactivating EQ2, I was only gone for a few days! A three day vacation? I did manage to pop in- before the chance, to get my pretty armbands in the marketplace, was over. They are nice, though some complain about the colors. Hey it's free, plus they are a neat addition to my wardrobe!

Since being gone, I missed my house, my pets and my appearance tabs! I just missed wandering around in a huge world. While I do enjoy playing WoW also, it seems sometimes there isn't a lot for me to do as I only am wanting to play the Priest. I do heroic after heroic with dailies in between, so it is a nice change to hop onto EQ2 and work towards 90.

I know the game may change at 90, a different story altogether. In fact, I am sure it will. The thing is, it is nice to have housing and all the fluffy things I crave. Plus, there is still a lot unknown to me, a lot I still want to experience and acquire within the game. I don't know if Dire will keep playing, he has much less time to play these days, but even so I will remain playing both games, as long as I can. I am looking into doing schooling in the near future so things may change, until then I want to have fun!

Sometimes taking a few days away you get to realize the things you miss about a game, which is nice. I enjoy playing a variety of games and I miss things from them all, I suppose that is why I am playing two on a steady basis these days. I am playing a DPS (oriented) healer in both... The more things change, the more they stay the same heh.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Let me know what you've been up to, I'm always curious! Dire has the weekend off, so it should be a nice fun weekend for us. CHAIN HEROIC RUNS.. woo! I know I'll have to squeeze in some EQ2 time at some point ;) And... if it's not too rainy I'd like to take my son to the park to play ball!



  1. If I am in game and you need help doing any of the harder quest give an yell.. I Have one toon at 90 and 2 in the 80's

  2. Sounds good! Is Icejoe one of your chars?

  3. I thought so, I remember you helped us with Shard of Love awhile back, on Ice :D

  4. That is a zone that can be done once a day a I believe, and gives two repeatable quest and good AA xp and lots of good shinnys there too hahaha

  5. Oh yeah, I love that zone!




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