Friday, May 14, 2010

Shadow It Is!

Shadow it is! I did end up giving Holy a shot. I jump into the queue, instant group! So far so good, get inside the instance and make sure everyone has zoned in... Mr. Nub-tank begins pulling. Sigh.. Well I guess he didn't want to wait for buffs. So then I buff, heal him and the group, when that pull is over I sit down to drink. He pulls as soon as I sit down. You know the drill. Well, when we died because he pulled a few too many groups at once I just left. First group as Holy, I don't want to deal with this right off the bat, well ya know what- anymore.

While I am use to the race through heroics I really think my days, for now at least, of being a built in babysitter are over. Maybe when Cataclysm comes out I'll be more inclined to heal. For now though I have no desire in these groups. Let someone else deal with it, shadow is fun!

Other than that I had some quiet groups and a few really fun ones. One tank was drooling over the DPS saying how (one player) got us through the heroic. They actually thanked them for helping us do it. It was an old heroic at that... /boggle. News flash: Heroics are easy! What was ironic was that the healer died several times and I popped out of shadow to heal the group. Throwing a shield on the healer when they got really low or on the tank if things got nasty. Guess they were too busy making goo-goo eyes at recount to notice? While I really just chuckle at this, it does make me sad how people are these days- Glorifying all the wrong things, not caring to work as a team.

I ended up getting some new shoulders from the tokens for shadow, I am working on the robe next. It's a bit longer waiting for groups but I try to get other things done in-between heroics. I do some daily quests here and there. I love cooking and fishing daily quests.

While the annoyances are still there, I try just to enjoy the game. Shadow really helps. I don't have recount yet, I do try to do as much as I can, same as always. While I know they can be used to gauge yourself, it's a nicer world without knowing somedays. Seriously. 



  1. I've always admired the healer classes of any MMO, I tip my hat to all those folks who choose to heal.
    I always thank the healer first after a successful raid before the anyone else, even the tank!
    Without them the raid would most certainly be a wipe!

  2. Shadow is really awesome. If you want to watch something, watch your dots and CD's... get a good tracker (Eventhorizon, Fortexorcist blah blah) and ignore the meters. If you're watching your dots you don't need to be watching the meters!

  3. @ Greywulf- In WoW where there is a lack of communication in pick up groups, it's only worth it unless you raid IMO lol.

    @Zelmaru- I had one of those before, I need to get another. I'm always watching my dots though. It is a fun spec :D




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