Monday, May 17, 2010

Moving Along (EQ2, WoW)

This weekend I didn't get much xp in EQ2, I decided to move from Neriak. Neriak is a nice city but I wanted a different house. While I've contemplated betraying, I decided against it as I enjoy soloing and grouping as an Inquisitor too much. I still may betray, but not until 90, when I've gotten done with much of the soloing I wish to do. So instead of having one of those lovely houses in Qeynos or Halas I settled with one in Freeport. I don't love freeport, it's pretty chaotic and I've had my share of complaints about it but I do like the houses.

My house is taking shape pretty nicely, it's still a mess as most rooms are filled but waiting to be more fine tuned. It's kind of a task moving everything because some rooms were set up just so, now I have to take those items and make them fit in again. It's been fun and I had enough status saved up to buy one of the larger houses.

So later on this week I will try to get some pictures up, not just yet though. I actually have an outdoor garden, which is something I've wanted for awhile. So I am quite happy with that! I do plan on getting some more levels soon, I just hate having my house not set up yet!

A couple of friends were wanting to power level me some last night but I had to head off to bed so I need to catch up with them soon. I've fallen behind them in levels and it's pretty cool of them to help me catch up. I've made some really nice friends in EQ2 and it's such a nice change of pace from WoW.

Speaking of WoW.... I managed to get quite a few upgrades this weekend, for my Priest. I am loving being DPS again, the wait for dungeons is longer but it's a real good change for me. I do occasionally pop out to help heal if it is needed which is really handy. My DPS is pretty decent, Dire was using recount and I asked a few times to see what it was. The thing is, sometimes group make up can make a big difference in what your dps will be. Some classes offer better buffs to melee while others add a nice bonus to casters. So it's not always going to be the same. All in all I'm pretty happy with how it's been going. Even if I did pout a few times because I had some melee oriented groups ;)

Dire and I are both trying to save up for Mechano Hogs, he is just a few points, in engineering,  away from being able to make one- as well as being a miner, so that will help out a lot. I plan on going and doing some mining with the Rogue this week, while he is working, hehe. Money, I have noticed, comes a lot easier in WoW than in EQ2. It's not hard in either to make money but in WoW it flows a bit easier. It wasn't always that way though.

I also got (another) Black Mammoth mount, this time one for my Priest. I just had to have one on her! I didn't have much else to spend my shards on, I figured I may as well grab one. Being back at the top is nice in WoW, now if I can just get there in EQ2....

Till next time!


  1. You sound pretty busy between two MMO's. I find it hard to balance playing just one. I still don't get the whole "housing" thing in games. I'll have to check out EQ2 sometime.

    as far as Wow goes, it's gotten stale yet again, leveling my lock is fun but tedious. I'm stuck at the level 40 plateau.

    I want something "new" and "different" but can't stand the sandbox genre after playing FE.

    Praying to the video game gods for a breath of fresh air!!!

  2. I know what you mean. WoW does get stale quickly so I mainly play that with my husband. I can only take so many heroics before I get bored. At least with someone else they can be fun.

    I never liked player housing at all, it wasn't my thing. Now I miss it when I am playing other games. It's really fun. Tonight I had a friend help me decorate and it was really cool. EQ2 is pretty nice so far, it's a chance and offers a lot for me to do.

    While I really don't like to play two games at once, it's sort of a medium for the ol' man to be happy and I get to adventure and play house in my other game when I need a break. Sort of keeps them both fresh.

    Maybe one day there will be a game that has it all ;)




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