Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I've been trying to get my house in EQ2 settled in, I've switched rooms around several times and yet it is still a mess. I'm at the point where I am going to just do the rooms one day at a time! However last night I did have a little house elf around to help! My friend Finire dropped in to check out my progress and brought (Yay more house items!!) gifts. He helped me finish off my aquarium, which was looking a bit sparse and we ended up creating a little hide away in the 'compartment' room, a little hidden door in the wall.

In Everquest 2 you can set up access to your house which enables people to move items and add them. So, when he came bearing gifts for the house, I decided to just let him place them wherever, on the floor, in a cool place, whatever. He ended up actually helping, which was even better. It was fun to have someone else helping as I was tired and out of ideas for some rooms. We had a lot of fun working on the house.

It's friends like this that make the game a better place. While I didn't really get much accomplished in levels (halfway to 73 now) I did have a blast decorating! It is always a welcomed changed to just something out of the norm. If you need a master crafter for your furniture needs look him up, Finire- Crushbone server!

Mainly in WoW I've been doing daily quest, here and there and heroics, though yesterday I was a bit tired and didn't get too much done. Dire and I ended up watching Sherlock Holmes last night because the latency was a bit high. Tonight I'd like to get some more emblems though. He's still working away at daily quests trying to save for his bike.

Recently I joined my old guild again, I am not sure if they do much at all anymore or even have room for me. I would like to raid again but it is sometimes hard to find a good guild. Not saying this guild isn't good, but if there isn't room for me, that means things get dull on my end. I joined since Dire seems to be quite happy there, he has some good friends within this guild. Plus it was getting lonely!

I had hopes my dear friend Pouncie would head over to Silvermoon, that would add some excitement, as friends make the game a better place indeed. Dire was excited also as she loves to PvP, like him, he was looking forward to that. However she has chosen to go to another server where she has made new friends, so I wish her the best of luck.

Friends are what make MMO games special. I doubt I'd be playing WoW if my Dire wasn't. Though he is my husband, he still makes it a brighter place. It's always fun to have someone to group with and do things with. I don't have a massive amount of friends, as I hop around sometimes, but I am trying to stay static within my two games, I  treasure the friends I have. Do you feel friends make your game better also?



  1. GrimfireMay 18, 2010

    My first MMO and still my favorite was SWG. While in that game I was introduced to MMOs, guilds and voice chat. I was lucky enough to make 5 good friends while playing. Fast forward 5 years and we are still in contact and still chat online while playing WoW or WAR. I don't think I could play an MMO without the social aspect.

  2. Friends are great! Anyways, I had a blast helping you out in your house. I enjoy it, that's why I took the profession I did. I think the hideaway turned out amazing, just glad I brought my portable woodworking kit with me.

    Catch you in-game.

  3. My test is finally over, so you should see me online more often now!

  4. @Grimfire- I agree with you there, it's the social aspect that makes them!

    @Finire- It did turn out amazing!

    @Rob- Awesome! Hope to see you soon, and hope the test turned out well :D

  5. Excellent post as usual, Who knows I might move my priest to Silvermoon. I have no plans of bringing her to Ysera. Although I will move my Paladin there since she's an enchanter, then again Pally might stay where she is. /shrugs

    I'm a huge altoholic so that is the main reason for putting Pouncealot there. :) I don't play her much, since I'm hopping on my Warlock and Druid, and this time around well... I really wanted to level with someone.

    I've done the solo leveling so much that I want to do something differently. In that case, the guild worked our perfectly. Bonus points that the folks seem to be very nice. When you get around to playing your lowbie Ally toon, shoot me an email. Leafos will be waiting. ;)

  6. Sounds good! I know what you mean though leveling with others is always more fun than solo.

    You sound more and more like EQ2 material than WoW, every day =p

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