Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back in Azeroth...

Guess who's back in Azeroth? No, not the Night Elf Mohawk! Well actually he is back...

I had planned to just grab Dire a WoW time card for something to play with until he fixed the video card situation but it's actually working. Yay. I had already grabbed a couple of game cards so I figured, what the heck, may as well use them. So... I did not want to jump back in where I left off.  Since being back I haven't done a whole lot besides trying to decide to play up. I did get another DK through the starting area- fun.

I had planned to hop over to Bronzebeard and play there with my friend Pouncie some. I still will try to make an alt there. I'm not sure which server I'll end up on. I'm just trying to get back into the sync of the game. It is nice being back, as much as I complain about WoW and how stagnant it is, I still miss playing sometimes. I miss the cozy world and bright colors even the laid back leveling process.

Does this mean I'm leaving EQ2? Nah, I don't know how much of Azeroth I can take at one time. I'll have to dilute it with some time in Norrath as well! I also wanted to be in Azeroth for Children's week. I love this event, the cute little pets and WoW kiddies.

I wanted to pick a class I could get groups easily if I wanted, tank or healer. I am not the biggest on tanking but it would be a change of pace, plus I like the option to go DPS. It's still a toss up over the (Alliance) Priest and Death Knight. I'm open to suggestions! I know each class well, having played them already but I don't know which I want to play up now.Decisions, decisions!

I also wanted a chance to get lost in questing again. My brothers think me a glutton for punishment for wanting to level up something. I just want to enjoy some of Azeroth again before Cataclysm. I don't know direction I am going to aim for or how long I'll play- All I know is I want to have fun this time around. Know what I mean?

Safe adventures!


  1. Thats what I always say is key "have fun"!!
    I would probably stick with the DK, unless you really like leveling. I do so I like starting a toon from scratch. But I'm an altoholic with some 40 toons over 10 servers lol. I find the 30-55 range can be a bit of drag though after you've done it so many times.

  2. I'd say simply don't put any goals in front of you. I noticed that once you start playing WoW with a particular goal in mind it sucks the fun of all the rest. I'd just logging and mess around doing whatever it is that tickle your fancy at that particular moment.

  3. I agree don't set any goals, just do whatever you want. Don't feel obligated to log in to complete X, just do what you want. I'm like that. One day I might be on Pouncie, the next I'm on HOli, and other days I'm on my host of atls.

    Let me know if you do come to Bronzebeard, if you go heals Holi will keep your clothie well geared until I could run you through instances. I have a host of toons so it wouldn't be an issue to keep your toons enchanted, clothed, and gemmed. ;)

    Besides...If you did come to BB, It would give me an excuse to make another Prot warrior. I deleted the lvl 30 on that server and have been really thinking of making a Tauren warrior. My former was a female Orc. :)

    Runs off to think of a good Tauren name, just in case. ;)

  4. Oh regarding what class to play, why not pick a class that can do it all? That way if you get bored with one playstyle you aren't locked in and can try another spec.

    Oh by the way I did make a Druid. Yeah I know I said 'Warrior' but well... the most fun I've had is on my Druid. I like switching up and I can do that with them. (Paladins are cool like that too) Besides I was going to make another Druid anyway.

    Anyway, She's currently one of my bank alts, but if you ever make an alt on BB you'll have a lowbie companion. ;)

  5. @ Mister K- I don't mind the leveling, I think it would keep me pretty entertained for awhile hehe. Wow you sure do have a lot of alts!!

    @lonomonkey- I agree 100%. I just figured I'd do whatever would be the most fun and not jump back into where I was before.

    @Erinys- Thank you!!

    @Pouncealot- Late last night I had the urge to make ...another.. Druid lol. I really want to play over on BB, trying to pull Dire along with me! He is stubborn and attached to his Mage!

  6. Are you playing on a brand new server? I could make a toon on there and at least pop on to say hey, now and again. Not sure what time you play though. :)

  7. Right now on Silvermoon on my other account, just messing around. I don't want to get caught up in heroics or raids for now. Corduroy (Alliance)is who I've been playing around on today.

    Should be on and off this evening between dinner hehe. Probably play pretty late as Dire works the late, late shift tonight lol. I want to get 10 for the orphan quest!

  8. On Silvermoon, I dinged ten last evening with my wee Druid. She's been eight for months, heh.

    Oh I sent you an email. I hope to catch up with you in-game soon. WOuld be nice exploring the world with you now and again in-game.

  9. Woot gratz on the bear form! I hit 10 also hehe. BTW you've got mail!




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