Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Prelude and Surprises

I'm still messing around with alts in EQ2 lately or questing here and there with the main. Just having fun. I did manage to get my Inquisitor to 72 this week. I was thinking about betraying to Qeynos then possibly moving to Halas. I'm still trying to decide if I want to do it now or wait a few more levels.

If I betray and move this requires me to change my class from Inquisitor to Templar. The Templar isn't as DPS oriented as the Inquisitor but it has the edge on heals. So, the trade off is worth it in the end for groups and raids. Plus I really love the good cities and yearn to live in one! But.. It is a change I want to think through before I finally decide to take the plunge or now. If I end up leveling a good side alt, I can have housing there which would make me happy.

I logged in the other night and my friend Finire had my mailbox full of furniture! It was a lovely surprise to find all that nice furniture there. I have to find where to put it all hehe. It will help furnishing an alts house too. He is an 86 (Last time I asked, he could be closer to 90 now!) Carpenter and makes house items, so they are the expensive and beautiful things you would want. When I post up house pictures this weekend I'm sure his lovely furniture will show up in many of them!

I am thinking later on today, working on my little Conjurer some to get more of a feel for it. I do enjoy the lower levels. The quest hubs are close together, simple and fun. Last night I worked on the Fury some until I got tired and logged. She is only 13.. Woo! I do like the class though, it's different from the Inquisitor as she is a caster where I mainly melee with the Inquisitor.

I managed to finally be on at the time one of the Halas Prelude events was going on. A cute little froggy named Marrtha was in dire need of assistance of a dream she was having trouble deciphering. So I traveled around Norrath trying to solve her quest. I ended up in a vision with Mithaniel Marr ( I remember killing him, back in the day, in EQ hehe) which was very neat. It's the prelude event for Halas and the reward is a lovely flower and book for housing (pictured above). I was pretty happy to get it as I missed out last time I saw this event happening. So this week was full of some nice little surprises. I love events like this. How about you? Do you enjoy when the staff jumps into the game and interacts?

Hope everyone is having a fine week! Till next time...

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