Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bitten By The Alt Bug (EQ2)


I've been busy lately but I've managed to spend a little time in EQ2 messing around on a new little alt. Yes, the alt bug has bitten me. I wanted to mess around with another Necromancer. I've played one in the past but she is on another server. It's a fun class and a nice change to send the pet in and cast from a distance. I'm still not sure if this is the class I will go with but it's quite fun.

I wanted to have a character on each side, I may go with a Conjurer on the other faction, I just will have to think about it some more. I'd like to have a different class to play around on here and there- So I'm mainly just playing around on alts to see what I like best. It's been quite awhile since I played many of the other classes so it is pretty fun trying them out again. I don't want to end up with several, just one alt character to work on when I'm not in the mood to play the Inquisitor.  

Today I found an EQ2 email with a reminder of the Halas Update and some other information. It had the cutest little kitty advertised- Free!  I want this little cutie. All you have to do is log in from May 25th- 28th. So, I am pretty excited about having one of these little pets. I suppose it will be claimable from the cash shop on these dates. Check out the picture below.

Other then playing around on alts I've not gotten much done in EQ2, but I am still having fun. That's the point, right? I've just had a busy few days. I did finish up my house for the most part, I'll post pictures for all to see later on this week.  Dire still hasn't logged in much, other than to check the broker. For now, it looks like I'm going to be solo in EQ2. But... we'll find a middle ground and something to keep him busy. More about that tomorrow though.

Till next time!


  1. Hi just checking out you Blog, it is a good read.. I believe that I heard about your blog in a guild chat.. But me is old and could be wrong : ))

  2. Thanks! Thanks for dropping in, I love to hear from people when they do :D

    You may have seen me mention it the other day when I was telling about the Halas pics I had up- If you are in Noir Circle on CB!

  3. The alt bug always bites me too...sometimes I feel like I've abandoned my main toon to play around with different classes!
    Like you's all about having fun!

  4. Yes Thats were I heard it, toons name there is Thyrr : ))

  5. @Greywulf- Yep, those mains are not goin' anywhere. Literally haha.

    @Blackice- Oh cool, well I am Nyomi if you see me on :D

  6. Hee hee, I was wondering how long it would be before you made an alt. You held out for a little while. :)

    What is that shimmery aura surrounding your toon? What races can you choose, is it the same as EQ. I cannot remember.

    Runs off to look at your Noob guide to EQ2 /scurry




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