Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Options (EQ2)

Yesterday I saw I was listed on the EQ2 Players Town Crier, I was tickled pink! *Does the happy dance*..  Ahem.. Excuse me, I get carried away sometimes. So, if you're new around here feel free to share your thoughts or comments- don't be shy- and have a look around! Today I thought I'd just ramble on about some of the options I've really been enjoying in EQ2.

First up on the list is Mentoring!
If you're like me, you have friends who play at different paces and times. So sometimes meeting up and playing together can be tough. Especially if there are level differences. Yesterday a couple of my friends and I decided to do some adventuring. We were 58, 56 and 90. With such a gap in levels, it's always been hard in other games to group with friends on certain characters but here in Norrath, it's not a problem. Which is oh so very nice. We actually had an odd make up of a group Xailia 'The Leeroy train lovin' Wizzy, Landuran 'Tank in TEH FACE Beastlord style' Fury and myself the Inquisitor- We died a lot, had some laughs and got some xp. We had fun and that is what counts. So while we may play at different paces, there is always the middle ground where we can meet up.

While it is very nice to be able to group with my friends it's also nice to group with my husband, Dire, who likes to stop and AA while I level. So that is a really big deal for us right there. It cuts out on the feeling that someone is being 'left behind'. Mentor down and it's all gravy.

So you like to play house? Player Housing
EQ2 was the first game I had a chance to really get into player housing with. It's really a nice option to have in a game. It's not playing house, it's actually fun to design your place, show off your trophies and so on. While it's really a lot of fun to design, not everyone is going to like it for just that. There are nice perks to having a house. Storing your sales crates and selling from your house is handy too or having a door to the guild hall. As the game moves on in levels you still have those things you accomplished in gaining sitting there in your house showing that 'Hey, I did this'. A little piece of Norrath is 'mine'- it's a nice feeling. Some of the designs people do with their houses simply amaze me.

*Looks for some mushroom rings...* Monthly Events
I love the city festivals and moonlight enchantment events that happen each month. It sort of breaks things up, giving me something else to look forward to. Plus if you're into the player housing you are surely looking for a little something else to use for props. Even if that isn't your thing there's other benefits- Tradeskill xp for some of the questing and you can always make some money off the items you acquire. Hurry up Freeport Festival!!

*Click...Whirl...Whirl..Click* Tradeskills
Tradeskills have separate levels all in themselves. It's a whole different game almost. There are quests, levels, instances and factions just for this part of the game. While I've been slack lately, I know it's out there waiting for me, something different and refreshing to work on. The amount of items you can make is just massive. There are so many different trades you can pick from, there's bound to be something to catch your fancy.

Looking for something cool? Status
Status is something that was really new for me. In order to use your status you must be in a guild and have a guild level appropriate to the item's requirement to purchase it. Really it's not complicated as it sounds. IE; You're in a guild it's level 40, you want to buy a status item then you must have the amount of status and guild level required to purchase it. I just love the stuff you can buy- houses, mounts, armor, titles, crafting tools and so on. It's really a neat and unique aspect of the game.

Status isn't just for buying things, when you gain status it helps level the guild- a portion goes to the guild. So it's a very important thing for guilds and is tied into having a guild. It's one of the nice perks about EQ2 that I enjoy. I like to buy a lot of stuff and then I tire of it at times, the nice thing is I can always sell it back. Whew!

So there you have it, just some of the things that I've been really enjoying about EQ2 lately. How about you? What are some options you enjoy in-game? You don't have to play EQ2 to share something that you enjoy about a game!



  1. Hey congrats on the mention. I'm really not surprised you're mentioned there. Although I don't remember to much about EQ you do have an informative list of posts and although I don't play the game. I do read your posts. I don't comment too often on them since it's slightly foreign to me, but I promise I'll improve.

    Perhaps start a series for people new to EQ? /smiles

  2. Hey Pounce! Ty :D

    That is an excellent idea, I'll have to work on that. I know all of my readers don't play EQ2, so I try to sometimes alternate a mix in there when I can- When the juices start flowing in teh brain heh.

    EQ2 can be an acquired taste after WoW! It's well worth it though.

  3. Games that don't remind you of WoW is a good thing. I like WoW but don't want to play a game that reminds me of it, heh.

    I'll try EQ@ at the end of this year. That's when I usually try new MMO's or retry games that didn't appeal to me the first time around.

    I have to admit player housing is very appealing for myself. I do have a question can you just toss all your junk (ahem treasures) in your house. I'm a virtual packrat. /smiles

  4. Darn it, I did it again.. That's above comment is from 'Pouncealot'. I just used the wrong name, heh.

  5. Hehe I know it's you ;)

    It's similar to WoW to an extent but a different feel to it.

    Tossing junk, well house items- Yes you can put all of your house items in the house. It does have a limit but it's high and can be added to. Also there is a house vault- Extra slots- Who doesn't like that! And slots for items to sell in each house.

    I will make a point to explain it in a more in depth way this week in a post!




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