Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ding 60! (EQ2)

Yesterday I hit 60 in EQ2 with my Inquisitor, which was a milestone for me. I still have a ways to go to the top but it's nice to finally hit a new number where more things seem to open up. New adventures and places to explore. I'm excited about hitting the cap, though I'm not in a big rush as that will come in time. Dire is now 41 with his Shadowknight, he's moving up as well.

Last night we had a really nice time exploring Kaladim, along the way we finished up several quests for him there. It's one of the open dungeons so there were a few other players along the way, for the most part though we didn't see anyone else.We cleared the place out and had an all around great time.

Tonight I suppose we will venture into Rynnyeye, he hasn't had a chance to see this zone yet. He's wanted to mentor down and go back and do Crushbone Keep, I suppose we will one of these days. I think he wants to see it in this game as he has fond memories of it in it's original setting in Everquest.

I finally got around to finishing the Flying Carpet mount quest yesterday as well. I had to get a couple of levels and a change of my AA points more in line of the battle Cleric didn't hurt either. While it's not as fast as some of my other mounts and doesn't offer any bonus, it is still cool to finally have it. I can always stick it in my house for show.

So, what is everyone else up to? Anything worth mentioning in what you're playing? See you in Norrath!


  1. Hey Kaozz!
    Oh congrats on 60!

    I'm not playing too much these days. Around this type of year is busy with work, gardening, and I cannot forget about the little one. I tend to take breaks from gaming. /sighs Shocking I know, but there yah go, lol.

    I do use this time away from gaming to look at games (usually FPS games) that I want to play once I get back into gaming again.

  2. TY!

    Hehe yeah, sometimes we all need a break. I've taken my share of them. Sometimes it's really nice coming back after a nice long break- Everything is refreshing. Or heck a break is nice period!

    I sometimes miss WoW, when I do decide to go back I'll reroll on one of your servers :D That might not be until Cataclysm though lol. I'll need a fresh start ;)

  3. Well, I'll definitely look out for you. I'll be trying EQ again, most likely at the end of this year. If you're still playing I'll definitely check out one of your servers. :)

  4. Sounds good to me :D

  5. Gratz! On hitting the big 60! :)

  6. Grats on 60. Land and I should be on this weekend enjoying the double exp...we will have to meet up.

  7. @Greywulf- Thanks!

    @Rob- Hope to see you guys on, we will be soaking up the xp this weekend hehe.

  8. @Greywulf- Thanks!

    @Rob- Hope to see you guys on, we will be soaking up the xp this weekend hehe.




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