Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This and That (MMO)

Recently there's been a few interesting things around the net MMO related, instead of making several posts on each I thought I'd just brush over some of the more interesting things. Feel free to comment or what not.

So everyone and their brother knows about Blizzard's new mount for WoW- Celestial Steed a.k.a Sparkle Pony. Some people think it's really lame, others love it. If you don't like it... don't buy it. Obviously enough people like it to have already spent around 3 mil on it.. Yikes- That is a lot of sparkle ponies! I thought about checking out WoW again and grabbing one. Yes, I briefly had the urge to play. After thinking on it, I decided I just don't have it in me to go back currently. Maybe in the future...

Aion patch 1.9 is on the horizon.You can read the Korean notes here. While there are a lot of nifty little changes, where's all the cool stuff they mentioned awhile back? You know... houses, mounts and so on. I suppose there will still be a wait on that. Wake me up when they add in the good stuff...

I recently saw an article on Massively talking about a game that is aimed at women. What do they think women players want? Listed was: episodic content, unique shopping experiences, high fashion, art design, and intimate encounters, all in a tropical island setting. Intimate encounters?! Gross... Shopping.. Really that is just... insulting. Why not add cooking and sewing also?! Sure, I like my share of fluff but some of those are really aimed at the brain dead- not women-  minus the art design that is an odd one to throw in there. Give me some monster face to smash... not some island adventure full of shopping.

Anniversary celebrations! There a few around the corner. Guild Wars- What way else to celebrate but with war, right? I may have to check in for the War in Kryta. Middle Earth is Celebrating the LoTRO anniversary this month also, it looks interesting. Free Realms is to have an anniversary soon, still nothing new on it.

Everquest 2 producer Brenlo steps down and moves on. Best of luck to him. Zam has an interview with the new producer Dave Georgeson, check it out here. Also while on the EQ2 topic, if you haven't seen the new Halas video be sure to check it out. Last but not least, EQ2 has a new passport program for players. Don't feel like paying for a month but want to pop in and check things out? Well now you can pay for a three day passport and do just that. A very interesting way to pay for a small amount of play. Great to check out the game again or pop in to see some old friends. It's also cool for those players that just use accounts for storage or boxers. Read more about it here.

And... That's all I have time for today ;)

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