Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Saint Patrick's Day Deviation

Just a deviation from the norm, some interesting things going on lately I thought I might comment on. Instead of dedicating a whole post about this or that, something I like to do once in awhile. Happy Saint Patrick's Day! *Pinches you readers.. *

To start off, I added a few new events to my Match event list. Some neat things are going on this month so I tried to add a few to the list. Of course the Everquest 11th year anniversary. Happy Birthday Everquest! Speaking of anniversary's, Runes of Magic is having the 1year celebration. Check out the list here, if you're interested in MMO events for this month.

Operation: Gnomeregan is about to get underway. And By retaking the Echo Isles will Vol'jin be able to honor his father and at long last secure a permanent homeland for the long-exiled Darkspear tribe. So we can hope to look forward to more of this soon it looks like. New mounts and pets have been listed on MMO-Champion for the upcoming patch, along with some additional changes.

In my reader I noticed a lot of whining! Today is also Whiny Post Day, according to Saint Patrick's Day! 

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