Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Everquesting (EQ, EQ2)

Last night I ended up being lazy, I didn't box our little EQ duo like I had planned. I actually stuck around in EQ2 longer than I expected. I've been making a little bit of money and decided to buy a few items for my house. I need to buy gear.. not house items! I will need to do another round of harvesting tonight as the stuff has actually sold pretty well. Even the shinies for the Brew Day collection, they sell very well. I've not made a huge amount of plat, but it's been enough to keep me interested and happy when I log in to see...monies!!

I love a game that has a built in Auction system. I wish Everquest had something by now, I really hate the afk trader mode. Anyhow, I ended up getting twenty on my Inquisitor also. This time I am taking it slow and enjoying the game very much, more than I had planned. Yes, I planned to hate it- I jest! I wasn't sure how much fun I would have. There is a lot to do. I can't speak for high end though, that could be boring for all I know. WoW is quite fun leveling but boring at high end lately, so it could be the same. I suppose I will find out if I make it that far!

In Everquest we ended up getting our alts to 30. The Anniversary event is live so there is plenty for me to do with that. I plan on getting several event items and the xp pots. We were sort of tired last night and kind of talked, joked around and sat on our horses for awhile leveling up spell skills (as seen in the pic). We had a nice time, as always. Dire usally is the one to tank and I heal, so it's funny to see him chasing me around telling me to stop so he can heal me, now he knows what it's like! 'If you weren't nuking you could have been healing me!'

We were going to play the SK Shaman duo but ended up on the little ones. I broke down and bought a mount, as I can sell it back once I get my AA mount. I got sick of not having one. Also if you haven't checked out the deal on steam- Everquest up to SoD for 2.50 USD. 30 Days free for new players and a nifty claim item. It's really an awesome deal, as new players won't need the new expansion for awhile, tons of content for the price. (That means YOU Dan... If you're reading!)

Lots of Anniversary stuff to do. I did notice the anniversary flags said ten years still, even though it's the eleventh year. I suppose they are recycling in Norrath *chuckle*. They are, at least, very pretty to look at. I still have cake from the 10th anniv, I wonder if it still tastes good? It will go well with the banners ;)

Hope everyone is having an interesting week, I have to get out to buy a special  little girl Princess the rest of her Birthday presents!


  1. I should be able to sneak on this weekend and play some - we will have to do some grouping if you are around!

  2. Sounds good! Would be nice to group some :D




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