Friday, March 19, 2010

Pondering On Classes (EQ2)

Lately I've been messing around in Everquest 2 more so than Everquest. I just suppose I don't want to burn myself out on Everquest, plus there is a lot for me to mess around with. I kind of got cranky the other night on my Paladin and put it on hold for a little. My Shaman has gained some more AA's, but nothing really interesting to write about these days. I need to do more with the anniversary events. I've been sort of busy lately though.

My Inquisitor in EQ2 hit 21 last night. I've been really slow leveling her. I have been gathering materials to sell on the broker also though. Also, I recently made a little Fey Warden just to see how I like the class. I'm currently torn between the two. I like them both a lot and wonder which would be the better choice.

The Warden has ports, but then again the Inquisitor has Odyssey which sends (me) or a friend back to bind spot. No cool down, just regents. Both can go melee spec, which is what I want. Both are healers which is what I think I would like to do in groups and high end. The Warden has a run speed buff, then again I have the CE mount that is 65% speed (claim one per character) so that isn't really a big deal. The Warden has fast heals with a HoT tied in and the Inquisitor has bigger slower heals along with reactive heals. So I suppose it comes down to choice. Both healing styles are fine by me.

So, I suppose I will work on the Warden some more and get more of a feel for it then decide which one I like playing more. The Inquisitor was feeling a little slow, but I purchased some new gear which should help a bit and a nice 2h mace. Ah, the choices. Why did they have to make so many appealing classes?!


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