Monday, March 8, 2010

My 2cp: Changes (MMO)

Recently I was pondering on some of the games that are growing older and throwing out changes as they 'evolve'. Do changes harm older games or does the lack of change harm them? Are they implementing changes that players want? Do the newer MMO games follow on the trend?

WoW, will we ever really see many new classes? Will we ever see a new class besides another hero class? Do we have much more, in terms of classes, to look forward to? Playing the same classes for six years, does it grow old? There are plenty of changes in the game often enough, though it's always to balance PvP and changing PvE in the process. Does this wear a player thin after playing a game for so long?

Everquest 2, will the recent additions of Battlegrounds mean changes and nerfs to PvE? Will players in a game of it's age be open to these changes? I am curious to see how this game handles the changes and balance. The Everquest games have never had a large focus on PvP, so it will be interesting just to see how the community reacts to this.

Nerfing skills that have been out for several years, does this push players away? If it was fine for the last five years, why isn't it now? That has always been one question that bothers me about MMO games. It's almost like pulling the rug out from under the class. How about newer game such as Allods. Changing up classes before they even get out of beta, going from a great class you are looking forward to a class that is lacking.

I think changes that refresh a game are more inclined to keep people- opposed to those that impact (sorely) a persons outlook of a game they know and are comfortable with. I feel often companies change the wrong things and let too many things stagnate. That's just my 2cp.

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  1. As long as I’ve played MMO’s it’s almost expected now for the nerf bat to come swinging at your class sooner or later. It’s a constant battle for devs to maintain some remnants of so called “balance” in any game, especially on the PvP side.
    Hardcore PvP’ers wait with baited breath as new updates/patches are released to see what the carebears on PvE have asked to be changed that will affect their toons.

  2. Yes, it swings both ways. Over the years I have noticed it swings in a more frequent manner when PvP comes in to play. Balance goes out the door.

    What bothers me are changes that come after five or six years... Oh so today is the day you considered it OP? Meh...

  3. Make pvp and pve mechanics separate. I've said that since I started playing MMO's. I love pvp more than pve but well... I don't sit around waiting to see what changes the devs will make. ;)

    I personally don't think we'll see too many new classes within WOW. Of course I could be wrong. I'm fairly new to the game so what do I know... ;) Nerfs, buffs.. you get used to them and find ways to deal/work around them too. It has always been fun (for myself) taking down a OP class in pvp or performing above what's expected with a 'weaker' class in pve encounters.

  4. Darn... I did that again. The above comment was mine. :)

  5. Hehe.

    Yes, I agree with PvP and PvE being separate. The developers who actually design skills separately for each (change like talents switching) will really change the way MMOs, with both types of play, function. I am sure someone will smarten up one day and take it to the next level.

    As for getting use to nerfs. When you have played a game since release, had the class you started distort into something you no longer recognize, it runs you weary. It really takes it's toll.

    Now, that's not why I am not playing. It doesn't help either. To play a game that is nothing like you started in terms of constant changes bending for PvP vs PvE.

    I've been gaming for a decade, hope to game for many more years. Lately though I sometimes wonder heh. Truth is, people get tired of developers who can't decide what they want, constantly.

    Changes are part of every MMO. But when you can't get your finger on balance, keep changing until you do.. well that isn't a good thing in my eyes.

    But, that is just my 2cp. I've said it before though. I sound like a broken record!

  6. You got to remember the WoW developers have changed. Not all of the original team is working on the project so naturally the vision the newer developers have might differ from the original and for me that's fine. The changes I've seen within WoW really don't bother me too much so for me it's not a big issue. However everyone is different.

    I've been gaming for about 30 years. I'm 39 now. I've seen numerous changes in some of the games I've played over the years. Some of those games I still play. I don't plan on stopping (gaming) anytime soon. ;) Although I might get tired of a game, I'll move on to another but will always have good memories of the time I've played the game. :)

  7. Oh and I wasn't implying you were a newbie, I just know you are not the biggest PvE gal ;)I'm the carebear!

  8. Generally speaking, not only WoW. As I don't play it as often. I also had EQ in mind when writing the post. Which the dev team has changed many, many times since release. There has been a recent nerf that has Rangers upset. I use WoW as an example as it's ever changing- More so than any other game I can think of.

    I speak for different types of play styles. Casual and raiding. Not only what I currently do-or like. I like to keep in mind many perspectives and how they can be affected.




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