Sunday, March 7, 2010

NVIDIA 196.75 Drivers - Danger!

I've been lazy reading everything in my reader this week. I finally got around to reading about the NVIDIA driver problems. You may have heard about it, NVIDIA 196.75 drivers causing PC and Graphic Cards to overheat. If not, you might want to check it out.

You can find more information about it here. The drivers are causing fan control to not work correctly which has been resulting in many cards getting fried. Overheating on all Blizzard games, and I am sure many others. If you have them, make sure to revert to older ones!

Very upsetting news to hear as I have read about a lot of people's cards overheating and burning up. I know it might be redundant posting the information, but the word needs to get out there on these drivers!



  1. / Dell Laptop which was less than a year old fried it's vid card (8800m GTX)last month, luckily after several e-mails between myself and Dell CS...they actually replaced it with a better card (9800 GTX 2g)
    I can't say for sure if the drivers were to blame but it seems quite suspicious!

  2. Ha that sounds like my Toyota Camry!!! LOL NOT!

  3. @Greywulf- You never know!

    @Janet- Lol




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