Monday, March 8, 2010

Bad Romance- WoW

I think I've been riding in my brother's car too much, listening to his music.. Hence the title - Bad Romance.. That or either I've been watching too much Rome. I'm bored I suppose- With MMO games in general. That is why I am playing older games lately. Sometimes I have the urge to start up this game or that. I was thinking about WoW. Do I really want to go back so soon? I sometimes feel like the 'romance' with the game has long since gone.

I still think about playing, I miss it at times. I know the game inside out, there is no confusion when I play it. I know what to spec with my characters, what classes I like and so on. I just wonder what it has to offer me anymore, if I were to go back now. Maybe that is a sign not to? At least until Cataclysm...

It seems like the only thing left to do is random heroics, when not raiding. I did the off key thing last expansion, fishing, and trade skills, PvP and all that jazz. I look back fondly on 'Vanilla WoW' and then I wonder if it was really as much fun as I remembered. I think we candy coat things, looking back nostalgically with rose tinted glasses... or goggles. Really the game is better than ever today with the ease of accomplishing what we need or want to do.

I think, in part, it is also the community that has left a sour taste with me. Or shall we say, the lack of? There are many, many, people playing the game. Though the sense of community seems to be very different from how it use to be. It's just-  Dog eat dog. That sums it up for me. Dog. Eat. Dog.

Do you have any games that you feel the 'romance' is gone? You hate to love it, or is it love to hate it? Just some thoughts today as I was considering some of the games I haven't played lately.

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  1. I played well tried to a few times. I might feel the way you do too. I know all ages play but alot of young young ppl play and I think many of the rudeness and the whatever attitudes come from that. We live in a day a dawn of callousness. I know theres alot of good kind people but I think the attitudes the callousness the whatevers many of them play WOW and many games and thats what abounds.

  2. I hate the fact that no one talks, you do random heroics or PuG battlegrounds and its as if everyone else is mute. The cross server stuff in WoW I think has really killed the community spirit. I miss the long AVs against people from my own server, when it was guild against guild and winning really counted.

    What about leveling another alt of some sort? Playing something new tends to reinvigorate the game for me at least.

  3. Yes, the community just feels at an all time low. I just don't think I can stomach it for awhile at 80, so soon heh.

    I have thought about making another alt. I just have been playing for so long there really isn't anything I haven't played.. meh.

    I suppose that is why I am looking forward to Cata, new starting areas and races. I think that will help with my interest. I hope so at least!

  4. It's the MMO community in general that has changed...there are exceptions to every rule but the newer generation of players are not as civil these days as they once were and are very quick to verbally abuse a newbie asking for help. In turn that same newbie is reluctant join a group or talk to anyone.

    It's a shame...

  5. Yes, it is worse than ever. In the more populated games you run into it more often. Though you find rude people everywhere now, it's contagious.




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