Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Seasonal Stuff Abound

The EverQuest 2 Halloween seasonal content, Nights of The Dead, is out now. I play mainly on test so I've been messing around with it for a little bit already. This year we get a new quest, some new items, tons of stuff to craft and collect. I have a new house to fill up with items, so that is a fun project to work on. The prelude event, ahead of the next expansion is also in swing, with lots of great items. The quests are easy and quick to finish up to grab what you want. Looks like the next expansion will hit in December or so, I still have not caught up on test with the current expansion but I will eventually.

I also made a new Paladin on test, I love running though old content on EQ2 and the best time to play are the holidays. That is if you're a housing/fluff freak like me. There is also a broom mount out this year, for station cash. The animations look nice and it is a really cool and unique mount, one I have always wanted! Females sit sideways, which is cute too. EQTC has a great preview of all the goodies for the event here.

Rift had a post with a team letter, which holds some promise that Rift has a future. It's nice to hear something about that and the team has been cycling events. I'm glad to see it still going, I would be glad to see new world content, new areas even if no level increase, just things to do. At least we have word that the game has stuff in store after the data centers are moved to a new location.

I mentioned  Astellia in my last post, which I never played. It's buy to play and I was thinking free to play, currently I am waiting to see reactions before I think about purchasing a game I may not even really be into. I think the only end game is PvP or dungeons, so we'll see on that. Eternal Magic wasn't bad, I tried that for a few days. It is a more classic, old school, 2004 feeling game. It is dated but I didn't mind, I just don't know if it has enough to hold me personally. It gives free mounts, lots of really cute pets, it has housing eventually and leveling is really fast. It does have some issues, for instance I joined a LFG dungeon and the group was already finished, heh. I did get rewards, I suppose that was a plus on my end. Besides being very dated the cash shop is mind boggling at how expensive things are. It really the most expensive cash shop I have ever seen with mounts that cost over 100$. The game does have charm though, it also has all the basic classes you will find in most MMO games.

Also I saw on massively a couple of Sandboxes: DotBigBang and Angeldust. Angeldust looks further along, and looks to have more stability in their current beta forums. Dotbigbang is very neat, looks very interesting with lots of building to do but it is browser based and has more lag issues in the current state. Angeldust was a bit more confusing on where to head off to what to do once you pop in game. If you're looking for something sandbox wise, these are two good options from what I checked out.

I'm back at in WoW, mainly leveling up a Void Elf so I can unlock the racial armor, I'm sitting at 96 right now,  hopefully not too much longer until I have that under my belt. Halloween is right around the corner in WoW, not a lot of new stuff but it does offer things to do. I doubt I bother with classic right now, having more fun in retail currently.

Dire and I are playing WoW together on a private server, I prefer retail but he likes the idea of the WoTLK locked server, it is different from retail, much like classic. I am not big on playing on private servers but I don't really have issues with them, I still have a sub for retail, and that is where I seriously play. Dire is having fun, I keep trying to get him to play classic, he watches a lot of streamers with PvP. I think he would want to play on a PvP server. I would play with him on one, but it wouldn't be my first choice at all. Years ago I played on PvP servers and it was a huge amount of wasted time, PvP is fun but not all the time for me. The server we are playing together on is an older established one, WoW-Mania. I like it, things are slower paced, the world looks different and things are how I remember them the most, it is different going back and doing those old quests at a slow pace. I'm happy to play something with him again.

I hope to pop into GW2 tonight to play through the Mad King's Realm and open some halloween goodie bags! The seasonal stuff is always so much fun to see come back around.

That's it for now, safe adventures!


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