Friday, July 26, 2019

We're Epic (EverQuest)

For the past few weeks Dire and I have kept at EverQuest, there is something relaxing and fun about EverQuest that you can't find in faster paced newer games. We were going to level and progress through content but I suggested we stop and work on the Epic 1.0 quests and then do the same for the other epics. So that's what we've been working on.

The epic 1.0 quests honestly are not hard anymore, the worst part of them is luck with spawn times and drops. You can wait several hours/days for a mob to spawn or an item to drop. It took less than a week to finish each one. We worked on Dire's first, I camped a lot of the long wait mobs when he couldn't. We also used a 105 bard he has to track things and slaughter things in Plane of Fear (which was the old raid content in classic). But most of the stuff is fairly easy at this point in time so it is far more relaxing and fun to do on live servers. I wouldn't dare do them on progression servers, I did that back in the day and it is just too time consuming for me now.

The epics come with cool effects and a title. The magician epic summons a pet, which was a beast back in the day. I'll only use him for a few levels, sadly. The enchanter epic has a click effect with haste, handy to have. The 1.5 and 2.0 also come with different titles and effects, I have already done the 1.5 mage on another character, but never the 1.0, I suppose I'll do it again. Dire has done them both with the magician, he supplied me with the Pegasus feather cloak, which is such a pain to farm, luckily he had gotten it as a drop a ways back. There is even a quest that lets you create an augment of the epics to put into another weapon but keep the look of your old epic, which I love.

EverQuest is a grindy type game but there are many quests, much progression and lots of things to work on and towards as far as goals. Dire is having a wonderful time playing again, the game really makes him happy to log in and he's still excited about playing after all these years. There is a constant  to things and something about coming back and playing that just fits right when you get settled in. There are still people in the major hubs, everywhere. It is a lot different game today, which I think is a good thing. While the memories are wonderful there are still progression servers as well as the PoP era server if you crave the classic feel, which is a good balance and a great thing to still have around.

I still love the models, the zones, the art, the mechanics. Dire does also, it seems like he jumps back in and really settles in well, it is like second nature to him, lol. While we had a lot of fun with WoW it felt a bit generic the leveling, I had to rush around to keep up after Dire and here I can stop and catch my breath and we can park somewhere and pull or just wade through a dungeon while talking and joking about the old days. EverQuest has kept up with the times pretty well in my opinion. For those of us who still enjoy this type of play at least.

We've also been playing a warrior and druid duo a little on the side as something else to do. Dire wants to work on the warrior epic next while I am taking a break on doing any for awhile, heh. I wouldn't mind doing the Druid epic but I need a break from doing my own, I find it more exciting to help Dire with his as he gets so excited like a kid on Christmas. Plus, I mostly want to focus on my magician, I love the class.

It is fun going to old places, seeing things we forgot, going through a zone and remembering all the neat little things about it. Running through the Karanas and seeing an undead cyclops wandering around the trees, a werewolf in the Commonlands on occasion and so on. Can you tell we're having fun?

Plane of Fear portal.

City of Mist.

Beastlord duo.

Guild hal, Dire's two characters.

Castle Mistmoore, gotta love those old models.

Ballroom in Mistmoore, we headed here to xp and camp an epic drop for the magician epic 1.0.

More Mistmoore.

Camping a piece of the enchanter epic.

Plane of fear.


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