Saturday, March 16, 2019

Happy 20th Birthday EverQuest!!!

Happy Birthday EverQuest! The big 2-0. While I have only played for 19 years, starting in 2000, I knew of it before I started playing. I didn't know much and I wasn't really interested until I saw others actually playing it. Once I did I was hooked. I still play to this day, not consistently, more so playing EQ2 these days as my main game but I still love to log in and play a few times a month.

EverQuest was like nothing I had experienced before, it was a different time and people were different. It really was a wonderful experience. I have many great memories, many annoying memories as well, corpse runs, losing levels and so on. I did meet my husband there 16 years ago and that is my favorite memory. I have EverQuest to thank for meeting the most wonderful guy!

Right now, as I write this post, I am trying to stay in the queue without getting a time out for the new Selo progression server. There are two servers; a normal and fast paced. Yes! I just got in! And now I am making a few characters saving names I want, as I always try to do. They get snapped up pretty quickly.

Years ago I didn't like the progression servers so much, as I felt they didn't capture the same feeling that we all had so many years ago. But these days I love to play on them and join in on the excitement and see the world bursting at the seams with people on launch day, seeing the world more populated. It is exciting and a lot of fun to join in, even 20 years after the initial launch.

We all like to think we have witty names. I settled on a main, Necromancer, named Anorexia. Skeleton form and all, I thought it pretty suiting. I've seen President and Bozo and then the more common names and the like. It is always funny to look at each name as they pass you. It is great seeing the world filled with eager explorers. I myself take my time and just enjoy the initial rush, running back Neriak Third Gate to sell and buy those first few spells. I'm writing as I zone, playing, medding, writing, lol. I have a pet, yes! That'll make things much easier, a little minion to do my bidding. If you've followed my blog, you may remember that I tend to lean towards the class in games with it being that was my first class in EverQuest so many years ago.

I love navigating through the old starting cities. I got SO lost countless times in Neriak, years ago. Now I can run around it with no issues, it is home away from home. Very few games have such a rich setting full of so many cities to start in, I miss that. That old spark is still there, the excitement, the promise of adventures yet to be. I wasn't sure if I would want to play on another progression server, but Selo is a fast track server, starting with more expansions out and it yields better experience for easier catch up. I hope Dire will play, he says maybe.

No long post today, I need to kill a few more decaying skeletons before I log out to make supper. Sharing a few screenshots, more posts to come as I adventure on Selo. Maybe I will even poke in on the new EQ2 server too.

Happy 20 EverQuest, may you have another 20 more! One can wish! Check this post out for more info on the anniversary and the new servers on the official site, which looks pretty snazzy with the new look!

Mages seem very popular...

I need that stick, er, cracked staff. They hit harder and they're worth roughly 9 gold!

I can has pet!


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