Saturday, March 9, 2019

Eye Candy, March

Some shots from EQ2, Trove and Rift. The Anniversary event is going on in EQ2, as is the Brell festival. Lots of things to do especially on test where the events stretch out. 

I love these little instances that reflect on past events from the first EverQuest game. 

An anniversary painting, beautiful Kunark box art. 

Another anniversary event instance. 

Rift, riding around looking for herbs, ore and shinies. About all there is to do besides.... (below)

Decorating one of my dimensions.

A zone event going on, these don't last long enough, usually for only a few days.

Flying/gliding in Trove, thought this was an interesting structure. 

Love that tree in the background.

Max level area, not my favorite 'biome' but the drops are worth it. 

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