Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Summer Festivities

Rift has Summerfest going in fulls wing, it crept up on me this year. I didn't know when it was heading to us and then it was here. Also there is another event running, Grim Remembrance. Lots to do with these two events. Tons of neat stuff for my decorating obsession, pics in the next post. Lots and lots of cool stuff to collect this year. I've been playing Rift and LoTRO doing events and collecting stuff. Summertime is fluff heaven for me this year. 

The WoW expansion pre-patch hits this week, I purchased the expansion a long while but I didn't unlock more than one race and I am feeling sour that I'll be so far behind on that. I don't know when I'll play. On the other handy my son's ONE YEAR ban in WoW lifts tomorrow. He's super excited. I don't know what he did, he was accused of using software that wasn't allowed or something. He's 21 so I don't really ask too many questions on that stuff.  He's excited so I may end up playing soon, he was upset when I said "I dunno when I'll play", so I dunno, maybe I will play, lol.

Back to Rift, the lockboxes filled with all the cool stuff are not hanging about this year. Thanks, Trion! I was able to pick up some really neat items such as bunny ears, a hula outfit and that amazing chariot carried by a winged angelic creature. Finally head cosmetics that don't make you look bald, epic stuff there! Lots of great items to collect this year with both events. I'm having a blast. Rift is one of my all time favorite games, and one I can boast of actually being in beta with, so I go over the moon when we get new stuff on LIVE SERVERS

 LoTRO, such a lovely world to get lost in especially with holiday questing. The holiday event slowed me down from leveling much. I did buy a new house, a hobbit home in the Shire, which I am collecting holiday items for. I've gotten two really nifty mounts so far, some cosmetic clothing and other bits and bobs.

I made a choice to quit smoking  one week ago and maybe now I'll feel like I have more energy to write. We're finally settling into the house we bought in Oklahoma. Quite a ways from Texas, but I am getting used to it. It has been a bit different and taken a toll on my writing habits over the last two years. I'd like to write more about games, even if the MMO industry feels a bit quiet. That's it for today, safe adventures!

Nice to see people out and about fishing for summer fish.

New cosmetics!!Bunny ears!

Since when can you show a instrument on your back?! As you can tell I just found this awesome feature.

Rainbow over the festivities.

My new hammock.

Fireworks in the distance. 

Another sweet mount.

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