Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Celebrations & Festivals

Lots of events going on as summer heats up. Last week EQ2 had another new celebration release, which was the Scorched Sky Celebration. LoTRO is having the Summer Festival return and then come back in a few weeks for an encore. Neverwinter has the Summer Festival event going as well, I haven't had a chance to try that again this year but I saw a new snail mount that looked pretty sweet. I haven't really noticed much else that has caught my eye, Wildstar is having some double xp currently as well as the upcoming residential renovation

The Scorched Sky Celebration in EQ2 is a new addition this year. It is fairly simple, kill the fire mobs around the camps, collect tokens and turn them in for items. The selection isn't massive but it offers a lot of new items for housing, a pet illusion and some other bits and bobs. Definitely a welcome addition. The items are very cheap and easy to get to stock up on. There is also a collection as well. Sadly, it appears the event is already over, I had thought it lasted longer. The items were very easy to obtain, I hope to see more additions in the following years. It is always welcome to see older MMO games getting new holiday/event content. Mostly, these days, a few quests or items are added in them, so it was wonderful to see some brand new events this year. There was a new mount but it was not a flying mount, it looks impressive even if it cannot fly.

I managed to grab the Nebulous Newsies quest on one of my characters over the weekend, had a chuckle with a guide while trying to obtain the quest. It was pretty funny when the guide pointed out that my companion, my merc- who was running way off to chase a mob, was off on a quest of his own. Good stuff, lol. The Newsies awards a ton of status, in the millions, as well as a backpack with tons of slots and an appearance you can show off.

I dabbled around in the Summer Festival in LoTRO a few times here and there, but this year I wanted the picnic horse mount, it is just so adorable! I love the selection of interesting and unique mounts this game offers. The event is a bit of a grind, long timers/cool downs on quests with low token amounts in return, but I am still having a nice time. I managed to get my mount so far, I still want the picnic dress and a peacock pet. If I don't manage to get it this go around I hope to by the time it comes back in August.

I sometimes forget what a lovely and immersive world this game is set in. It really is a treat logging back in and traveling around Middle Earth. The events are lively and filled with players running to and fro. It is a nice environment and still has quite a bit of life as well as development.

Events are a nice break from the same ol' or a great reason to return to a game and join in with other players. Hope everyone in the US had a wonderful 4th last week and those in Canada too with the celebrations going on there. I got caught up with cooking and fireworks and forgot to get a post out in time! I'm off to go collect more tokens in LoTRO so I can buy a dress that looks like a tablecloth!

Safe adventures!

Scenes like this make me want to just take off and adventure.

Delivering ice for the festivities, hard work!

I really hate quests that make me drunk, lol. My eyes! Totally optional quest though!

Picnic Horse! 

Scorched Celebration pet illusion/wand.

A pretty sunset in EQ2 while playing an alt.

An elf and her pet pig :)


  1. Oh that reminds me! I got the Newsies quest on a bunch of characters last time the guide was on when I was playing. I really should take them round and finish it up on all of them. I could use that status!




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