Friday, June 15, 2018

Delving Into The Past

Things really feel in a slump these days as far as the MMO scene goes. There isn't really a whole lot of new stuff, and what has come out over the last few years has been new to the west, older games that took years to release here and they have not been all that great. It seems so many games I play are on slow updating schedules, smaller content drops or just feel they are in limbo. But there are some new bits of interest here and there. The longer I play MMO games the more I seem to delve back into the past, or rather, the games that were in their prime in those golden days of the past.

EQ2 recently handed out free level 100 characters. I made a Shadowknight but I have not messed with her much, mostly leveling a druid alt just to do old content as I tire easily with the 100+ instanced zones. But I can't complain about new content, glad to see it period. There is also the new Ocensfull event. The Othmir are celebrating, all you need to do, to join in, is dive in the water and open shells to collect some neat stuff. The loot consists of mostly hosing items, an appearance weapon, a shiny collection and a title. It is delightful to see new events added no matter how small, rewarding and relaxing event are the best. EQ2 remains a staple in my MMO lineup. EQ2C has a great write up, as always, of this event. Mum is a gem in the community, I am so thankful she continues the work she does for the community. You can find it here.

I'm still dabbling around in SWTOR and Neverwinter here and there. They still have updates that interest me. But I just needed something different to do and I decided, on a whim, to make a trial account with DAoC. It still has a sub, I didn't know if I really wanted to sub. I have played it in the past in short bursts, never really getting the hang of things, learning the game or getting a feel for anything. In the past I was always quickly befriended and whisked away to groups with new friends, not knowing there was much else to the game, besides grouping. Then when nobody was on, I didn't really know my way around or what to do.

This time I decided to try it out again and learn more about this game I passed over for EverQuest. I find myself wishing I had given it more of a chance when my days of burnout hit, before WoW released. This game has what Everquest lacks, tons of questing. I had no idea! And leveling is quite fast fast, as it is in EQ, but it feels more fluid for a person learning their way around. Dire has tried it in one session, looking over to see what archaic MMO I've dusted off, something without action combat, he wanted to try it. Clunky was his first impression. I had to walk him through the starter quests, leveling a new character as well. Taking him through the things that I had to figure out myself, glad I did or it would have been a much rougher time for him. Where I take great joy in learning new systems and classes, he sometimes gets overwhelmed. I just like that 'new', to me at least, feel with an MMO. So we killed stuff, got him some gear, fixed his UI somewhat and he got to try it out. He says he would like to continue to play, so we'll see how that turns out. I hope so, I think it is something he'd highly enjoy. I've urged him to try out several classes, as there are many, many, many to pick from.

How many classes? I had forgotten, maybe 20 or so, similar to EQ2? Where EQ2 has 26, I thought that was crazy when I started, DAoC has 45!! You could spend so much time playing all these fun classes, and they are fun. Many classes you have never even heard of before. My main I play alone is a Bonedancer. I thought, years ago, that the Necromancer must be one of the best pet classes, this one is pretty freaking cool too. At 30 I have three skeletons to do my bidding, there are some that melee, cast, debuff and even heal. There are many unique classes in this game. I'm having quite a bit of fun.

The game even has a map with QUEST MARKERS on it! I can't even get that in a new EQ2 expansion. It isn't perfect but at least I have a general idea of where to go. You also get a free mount while questing in your late teens. I didn't know that! My friends, years ago, chipped in and bought me a mount. I am on the Co-Op server. It is the only server I have played on and the only one that appeals to me. I am thankful for the option.

DAoC is older feeling, sure it is kind of clunky. It's also got some of the coolest classes I have yet to see in any MMO, not just more of the same generic classes. I don't know how long I'll play it, for now it fills a spot that something felt missing from. Maybe that void that was left when Vanguard Saga of Heroes sunset. It's also something refreshing to write about. Before I wrap this up, I found some nifty guides and a great post on Yeebo Fernbottom's blog, you can find it here.  Safe adventures!

Edit: Some updated class info can also be found here.

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