Thursday, May 17, 2018

May Ramblings...

I didn't expect to do much more with SWTOR when the latest chapter was released, then there was some bonus xp added in. I couldn't resist rolling up a new smuggler. My first class in SWTOR was a sawbones smuggler, and I do have a couple more across my account, one that I used a boost on as well as an Agent (who I love too). But I just really wanted to make a character to play through the story and planets with.

Things are laid back, fun and relaxing leveling this character, the level scaling makes it so I  don't out level the zones and quests which is superb when you just want to enjoy the journey. Also the quest rewards are my level too. I take time to do some of the daily heroic planetary quests for some nice upgrades while I level. It is fun bopping about questing and just taking my time and playing through all the combat. My two mains, the Sith Assassin and Jedi Shadow, two sides of the same coin, are, of course, both melee classes and it is nice to play something with more range. I'm sawbones and my companion tanks, which is a nice change up from the usual play. It has a nice stickiness to it, the combination of healing and dpsing while the companion/pet tanks. And the stealth helps out too when I want to get around something in the way!

I expect to keep playing it for the time being. A little bit of LoTRO on the side. I love playing LoTRO, but sometimes with all the traveling around I run out of time and have to do other things before I get much even started. SWTOR is pretty awesome with the easy travel to the ship, around the map points, and the new galaxy travel map, it spoiled me, much like the EQ2 quick travel map which subscribers are entitled to using.

Dire and I also got a couple new tablets. The Amazon Fire 10, which are pretty nice. They were on sale last week and we got them for a real nice deal. He's crazy over Golf Clash for the time being, he gets hooked on a mobile game and then burns out never to return to it again, lol. He loved it on the tablet. I've set up the Google Play store because the Amazon App store is severely anemic and lacking. Most games run quite well and look fantastic on the ten inch screen. We have newer Samsung Galaxy phones, he has the 9 and I was impatient and got the 8, both are awesome phones, but after playing games on such a big screen it feels funny to think of playing much on the phone.

I am trying out a lot of games and even going back to a few I have already tried. I will be spending some time playing Adventure Quest, it was neat to see my character crossed over from PC  to mobile! I am also playing Order and Chaos 2, eventually I want to get around to Villagers and Heroes. A few that I liked over the years have been sunset, which was disappointing when I tried to find them. I do play the new Sims Mobile and Animal Crossing Pocket Edition on the phone and so it will be nice to transition those to the tablet. It's nice to relax and play something away from the desk, though nothing can really take the place of PC MMORPG games for me. My son loves the VR, but it still feels tiring to me. Tablets and my 3DS are about as far off as I veer. I am impressed with the quality and functionality of many of these mobile titles. It seems finally we are getting far away from the Farmville explosion, lol.

I'm trying casual games as well, sometimes I just want something that takes very little effort. Which I suppose ACPE and the Sims mobile games fill. My son has been playing around with the mobile PUBG, getting Winner Winner Chicken Dinner- Which I tried asking Alexa what that was, and she had no clue. However, my Google assistant tells me it is Victory in a game of chance. I don't really have much interest in PUBG type games, battle royale stuff, PvP in general. I suppose the younger generation eats it up. Speaking of mobile assistants, I have always liked Alexia as my last tablet was an Amazon Fire, but I think Google is getting better and better and you just can't beat it. I hear soon it will be able to make calls using your voice, kind of creepy but the lazy part of me hates making appointments and those types of calls and thinks it sounds pretty awesome, LOL.

And my internet decided to mess up for a little bit while writing this, so I best get this post out before it gets way too late and I forget. Thanks for stopping by and safe adventures!

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