Saturday, June 23, 2018

Not As Planned

Things did not pan out in DAoC. If you read my last post, you'll remember that I was quite enjoying the game, the questing, the interesting classes. I did try to sub to continue playing, I had gotten into my 30's with a Bonedancer, but I couldn't get the game to take my card. So, that's that. I may try again down the road. Dire decided he wanted to play something too, and while it did not end up being Dark Age of Camelot, he was considering going back to Age of Conan. He didn't actually play AoC, but I ended up going back. Who knows maybe he will too.

I could not remember much of where to go on my mains, it has been four years since we played? Two? I can't remember. Looking through the pages here, it has been about three, close. This post was full of shots of Dire and I, I do wish he would return after remembering all the fun we had playing. That post was returning after six years. One of my first posts here, in 2009, was about AoC. I loved the game, I simply had too many subscription games I wanted to play and not enough money back then.

Anyhow, back to the future, here and now I rolled a shiny new Necromancer. Pets and pets and moar pets! My first character in this game was a necromancer, but she has sat untouched for so long it was easier to start fresh and get a feel for the game again. I did indeed subscribe, I plan on playing it in the evenings when Dire is at work. Something familiar but where I still need to figure things out again, refreshing. The characters still look pretty decent. The world has a mysterious beauty to it. It feels almost vintage and very charming going back. Forgetting things is sometimes the next best thing to playing something new, sometimes.

As it always seems to happen in Tortage, people always invite new players, new characters to guilds. It was not long until I received an invite. I had people wanting to group, people wanting to power level me, people talking to me randomly. While the general chat sometimes is kind of gross to watch, the community is really friendly and kind overall. There are always wanting people to help and show you places, play long enough and you'll find them in a few sessions. I ran out to the guild city to collect some fashion items. I mean come on, who doesn't want to look sharp at every level, not just high end?! Later on someone in the guild was wanting to show me how to get there, I sort of felt bad. As I did have to do a little googling to remember just how to get there. I take the fun out of everything. They are a helpful bunch who like to help out new players, you won't find it as much these days in general with MMORPGs, so I appreciate it very much and try to let them show me around and tell me about things, maybe they'll tell me something I had forgotten. I did confuse them when they saw I had left Tortage and came back without doing the destiny quest. You can leave after 16 through the smuggler, and come back anytime you want, with or without doing the destiny quest. But yeah, nice people here still.

I think I returned a few months back, maybe around the time we moved in February. It is hazy, I see screenshots in my folder, heh, there was a brief return but Dire never joined me so I didn't keep playing. This time though I am going to at least stick with it for my subscription length.

Dire did pick a game to play, his favorite, which he can never get enough of, EverQuest. But time always seems an issue. Time spent traveling, setting up, not as bad as it once was. Unless you die, then it can get a bit annoying, rezzing, buffing, running back. After work he is tired so we mostly play on weekends and maybe a few nights a week if he has the energy. We're playing a Necromancer duo. Necromancers, they just have always called to me, my first class ever, in any game. Something about undead minions doing my bidding just seemed so cool. In real life they'd be pretty smelly and gross. No, I don't think about stuff like that. Really, I don't! But, yeah, in game it is usually guaranteed to be a fun class. So, when he mentioned a duo with our two necros, it sounded like fun. It is great just doing some repeatable quests in the House of Thule expansion. I look forward to having fun and going places, not so much hitting the cap, just in the doing stuff together part. That's the best part.

Have a great weekend! Safe adventures.

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