Thursday, April 26, 2018

Dusting Things Off!

Same story different day!

/ she holds up the dusty ledger and blows the dust off... I have been a bit neglectful in posting lately. It sometimes seems there hasn't been a whole lot to write about that I haven't really written about many times over. Moving always gets me out of sorts and it sometimes takes awhile to get back into the routine for writing. There are a few things to talk about this week, let's get started!

SoTA released. I think I briefly tried it very, very briefly in beta when they had a seven day free trial. Now there is no limit on time, just  a limit on skill/level. It is an interesting game which I  thus far enjoy. Tomorrow brings in a fresh patch with some more content, very nice to see. I have not purchased it yet, I suppose I may though. It is different, yet classic. Combat, thankfully, is not action based. There is a lot to see, the world looks nice and so far it has just been nice to dabble with something new. The skill system is nice, without feeling tied down to a class, similar to Project Gorgon, but not as tedious. There is housing but I need to purchase the game and then look into more about it. I know there are some purchased in the shop, or able to obtain in game, I just need to look into it more when/if I become more established in game. It is refreshing, different, yet classic feeling all at the same time. There is such a drought for new stuff lately that I find myself looking for the new patch eagerly. It has a lot of charm. I have not gotten very far but I have played enough to get a rough feeling for combat and know that I like it, I started dabbling around with it on release when I heard that anyone could try it.

LoTRO has taken up the main staple of my playtime. I need to get working on levels but there is the anniversary event, every time I log in a seem to get caught up with doing that instead of leveling. I do wish there was more to do, I seem to be waiting on timers, but it is nice collecting some of the stuff I have obtained. I have a shiny new cosmetic armor set and a snazzy dragon horse. I love adventuring and riding through the beautiful zones. I hope to see and do more, I would like to stick with it for a bit. It gets updates often enough and the zones are always decent sized. I want a game that gets attention and updates, nice questing zones to explore. It is a tall order these days. LoTRO makes me happy to play, to get lost in the beautiful open zones, the game is busy with players still, it is nice to see. Elevenses is the eleven year title, it's cute!

Suprisingly enough I got into WoW's Battle For Azeroth beta. I didn't expect that, the last time I think I got beta was WoTLK. Maybe I am getting kind of hazy on that. More scenarios, lots of big Horde vs Alliance. The beta cutscenes are still wonky and have no sound, heh, so that was kind of funny to see. I have only messed around with the warlock, it isn't too different honestly. The new races look really cool, seeing the new orc and dwarf models was a nice addition to logging in. The Alliance take over Lorderon, which I have not really delved into yet, so that is a mixed bag there. Cool and not cool. Lore wise cool, not so cool when I associate game memories.

And on the side a little EverQuest when Dire feels like logging in. He hasn't felt the greatest lately so maybe more when he starts feeling better. We have not done much for the anniversary event. We're playing little beastlord alts on the FV server. Nothing super exciting but cozy like a favorite old book. 19 year, it is so nice to know it is still there. Hopefully everything irons out well for SBG and SSG, if you haven't heard much about what is going on, which is a bit concerning, MassivelyOP has the scoop here and here. Bhagpuss has a good post as does Wilhelm. I'd go into more detail, but those articles do a pretty good job.

Safe adventures, leaving some BFA beta pics here!


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