Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Eleven Years! LOTRO Eye Candy

LOTRO is still a very beautiful game as it ages. Sharing some shots I've collected over the past month. I could get lost in this world and have no problem with that, there are so many interesting and beautiful places to explore. It simply makes me happy to wander around in this game questing and taking in the sights.

A new start on some old forgotten areas I have not been to in awhile.

I used to get so tired of the Lone Lands, as the questing seems to go on and on here, I rather like it now.  It is a nice wide open zone, something I feel I needed more of in my playtime; Open spaces.

Traipsing along doing some anniversary quests.

Eleven years! Let's celebrate!


The elven areas are some of my favorites, I love the design with a colorful smattering of trees and the elegant architecture. 

Deep down in the bog.

Spooky horse in a spooky forest. Seemed fitting.

More celebration stuff. These hobbits are big on fireworks.

A lovely game to leisurely adventure though. Hope you enjoyed the shots. 

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